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T3 might help?

Hi sorry i didnt give any details before. I am hypothyroid and have been for 30 years after having my thyroid removed due to graves disease in 1980s My levels of t4 and tsh are always different some high and then normal. My dose of levo constantly changes i have had 75mg to 200mg levothyroxine and now on 100mg. My doctor doesnt test t3. My results from my last test (month ago) was t4 12.0 middle of the range (6 to 24) i think. My b12 was high and ferritin within range.

My tsh was 2.7. (Sorry i dont have my results infront of me )I never feel well and no matter how often i see the doctor i still have joint pain depression fatigue brain fog dry skin etc.I think I may still be hypothyroid but docs say im normal .I think T3 might help. I was tested once for t3 years ago and it was low then but never did anything about it as i moved areas , was ignorant of the importance of t3 and here i am still ill. Your community has really helped me think i dont have to be like this anymore and there may be an answer to always feeling so rubbish I want to self medicate but safely with t3. Thanks to everyone for posting you have been so inspirational. I just want to feel well agin. Any help really appreciated. P.s. GP wont test for T3 guess they dobt want to pay for it !!! Kind regards m .

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Just to check, are your B12 levels over range and if so, have you been supplementing?

You can request a print out of your results from the GPs receptionist as these would be helpful for more specific advice. Posting a few of the ones in the last year with all details might be easier forpeople to see the pattern or instability. Posting Vit results would also be useful.

You can pay for your own tests if you really want to?

Have you tried looking at other things - do you have stomach issues, have you tried to resolve this? Have you tried gluten free diet or elimination diet? This improved my health far more than anything else in regards to fatigue and pain.


Hi and thanks. My B12 was too high without supplements and my liver tests were abnormal. I will try gluten free but i was tested and found not to be cealiac . I will request my past results and post. I would still like to buy T3 uf anyone can pm me . Thanks


Well you definitely need to get referral to investigate what's going on with liver then.

Also Folate, Vit D, and iron (ferritin) as many of us are deficient in these so post results if you have as GPs often a bit pants with these.

Coeliac blood test is unreliable - even states this on the NHS website so blood test alone cannot rule coeliacs out. It won't rule out NCGS either. Remember if you have a problem with a problem with gluten, it must be 100% gluten free including cross contamination for it to work so have a read up on it and needs to be for at least three months to see if any improvements.

You can get your own T3 blood tests done with Blue Horizon or medichecks who also have discounted thyroid tests on "thyroid thursday" each week. THey're not hugely expensive.

Unfortunately, many GPs are actually physically unable to request a T3 test and will be ignored by lab if requested. Only my endo can get a test done.

Sorry I can't help you with where to source T3 as mine is prescribed by NHS but if you start another post asking for info of where to source, someone should respond.


Have a look at the Thyroid Uk site as they have loads of good info. You may not knowingly be doing something wrong-notvyour fault but doctors think all they have to do it dish out the medication! So just check and make sure.


Matilda52 my sympathy to you . Having TT is not an easy journey . But if your labs came back that your well dosed with your thyroid meds . Nutrients might be something to look into . For example Selenium (it helps with conversion) Iron (prior to dosing you need to run labs with iron panel /ferritin) , Vit"D" helps with aches and pain too . If after adding nutrients and you still don't feel up to par try to see if low dose T3/NDT is what you need to add .You might also want to see if adrenals need some support . Thyroids and adrenals work in unison . Being that you have no thyroids and our thyroids make both T3/T4 and now you only have T4 you might not be a good converter . Your adrenals might have taken a beating . Check out your adrenals /Cortisol levels .

Best wishes as you proceed .


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