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Antibody flareups


Hi I'm sure now I'm having Antibody flare ups I'm swinging from hypo to hyper I'm now on 75 Levo and10 to 15mcg T3 after my last blood tests showed I was over medicated beginning of May. TSH 0.01 mu/L (0.3-5.0) L Free T4 9.5 pmol/L (8.4-19.1) Free T3 6.7 pmol/L (3.8-6.0) H I did not take Meds 24 hours before my blood test above . I'm due for check up blood tests soon but I haven't been too good since last visit to endo in May when he lowered my dose from 50 Levo 20Mcg T3 feel fatigued sweating with hot flushes aching sore muscles starting to go for naps again very irritable anxious. When I go for next bloods for thyroid do I ask for my vitamins to be done I'm on b12.injections so I know they are good. My TPO antibodies were positive in 2015 at 377 do they ever test again? Advice please...

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Hi there Momo

I am afraid I don't know any answers to your questions but I have a question for you.......are you lucky enough to get the T3 prescription from your GP? or do you buy it privately?

momo1948 in reply to shond2015

Hi Shond2015, my endo prescribed it so my GP follows his instructions

shond2015 in reply to shond2015

thanks ...

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