test results

got test results today doctor said normal

T4 8.9

TSH 0.03

FT3 4.2

my t4 has never been this low in the twenty years ive been taking thyroxine

i take 150 a day plus 20 levo. was on 200 a day but they made me reduce.

doctor said t4 isn't relevant its all about the tsh.

any advise would be greatly appreciated as got dry skin nails flaking and weight creeping up,

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Deborah111 - your doctor has been brainwashed into thinking TSH is the be all and end all of Hypothyroidism. He doesn't know how to treat it, like most of them.

Can you add the reference ranges so we can see exactly where your FT4 and FT3 lie.

Why was your dose reduced? Do you have the results from when they did that?

Have you had antibodies tested? Do you have Hashimoto's.

Have you had Vit D, B12, Folate and Ferritin tested?

Do you take any other medication?

Do you have any gut problems?

Just thinking of why your FT4 is so low, maybe an absorption problem.

the range is TSH .35/ 5.0 T4 6 /12 frre thyroxin 4.6/ 10.9 t4 0.7/1.53

not on anything else never had b12 tested have to push just for this to be tested,

they reduced 2 years ago as was put on zolerdex for operation and doctor didnt take into account it would send my thyroid over active so reduced meds as hospital wouldnt operate and now they wont put them back up.

the doctor spoke to me like i was stupid when i asked about the T4 level it was 13.1 in june last year and before that around 18


From your original post:

T4 8.9

TSH 0.03

FT3 4.2

From your new post:

"the range is TSH .35/ 5.0 T4 6 /12 frre thyroxin 4.6/ 10.9 t4 0.7/1.53"

Can you please put the ranges against the test results. You've given a FT3 result in your original post but no range FT3 in your new post.

You've given T4 6/12 and t4 0.7/1.53.

Also, there is Free T4 (FT4 or Free Thyroxine) and Total T4 (TT4).

It's confusing and needs clarification before an accurate interpretation can be made.

free thyroine 8.9 range 9.0 /25.0

free tri iodothyorinine 4.2 range 3.5 / 7.8

thyroid stimulating hormone 0.03 range 0.4 /4

thats all i got loads of other test but these are all they ever test for thyroid


Well, those are nothing like the ranges you have put in your previous post, but let's go with them.

I am assuming that where you've written

"i take 150 a day plus 20 levo."

that you actually mean 150mcg Levo plus 20mcg T3. You will have to correct me if I am wrong because the following is based on that assumption.

We know your TSH is suppressed and your GP isn't mistakenly dosing by this BUT

free thyroine (FT4) 8.9 range 9.0 /25.0 - under range

free tri iodothyorinine (FT3) 4.2 range 3.5 / 7.8 - barely in range

The aim of a treated Hypo patient generally is for TSH to be 1 or below or wherever it is needed for FT4 and FT3 to be in the upper part of their respective reference ranges *when on Levo only*. Add T3 into the mix, as you have, then the TSH will probably be suppressed, FT4 will lower and FT3 should be nearer the top of it's range.

So you can see you are under range for FT4 and you'd expect when taking 150mcg Levo for it to be higher, and you'd expect FT3 to be higher when taking 20mcg T3.

There can be a number of reasons why your results are like this:

You could be undermedicated.

You could have an absorption problem due to low stomach acid (most Hypos do).

If your vitamins and minerals aren't optimal the thyroid hormone won't work. 'In range' doesn't cut it, 'optimal' is vastly different from 'in range'.

It's not just thyroid tests that are involved in trying to sort out why we still have problems. You say you have got loads of other results. What else has been tested and what are the results (with ranges)?

As already asked, have you had the following tested:

Vit D




Iron panel

Full blood count


Anything else?

More information can give us clues, so tell us as much as possible.


I've just read the other replies further down.

Are the reference ranges you've just given, that I have responded to, the actual ranges from the lab that did your tests, or are they ranges that you have looked up from somewhere?

From lab had to ask hospital as doctor not very helpful

OK, well if those reference ranges are the correct ones from the lab who did your tests then my reply above still stands.

So if you can give the other information asked for we may be able to help further.

Your doctor is so very, dangerously wrong! Dosing by the TSH is the best possible way to keep your patient sick!

Is that T4 an FT4? Strange result. Do you have the range. In fact, we need the ranges for all of them.

Thyroxine is the same thing as levo. Do you mean 150 mcg levo and 20 mcg T3 a day? If you're taking T3, then the FT4 isn't the most important, but then, neither is the TSH. It's the FT3 the most important number. And if that is still low, then you are still hypo, no matter what the TSH says.

Dear God, when will these numpties wise up? They can't all be stupid, can they? I despair, I bloody despair :-(

They think they know it all and don't care to learn otherwise. What can you do about it?!?

I fantasise about sitting in front of a doctor and 'educating' him/her. I can hear the words in my head...

Make a video and put it on YouTube. :)

That day will come :-)

Also in the video you could have a background of all of those disappointed with their treatment :) Maybe an auditorium wouldn't be big enough!

it would be different if they had thyroid issues they might start to take notice if they had to suffer

I would laugh, but it would be to close to the truth...

the range for the ft3 is 4.6 / 10.9 mine is 4.2

Are you sure about that? That's a very strange range for an FT3, very wide.

they dont give me the range i have to look it up FT3 3.5/ 7.8

Look it up where? You need the range used by the lab that did the analysis, nothing else will do.

Doctor didn't give me range but saw part of it on her computer the checked with hospital lab for rest. Looking to change surgery as only doctor that was any good retired now stuck with go registrar who is so bad spends whole time talking at me come out wondering why I even bothered to book appointment. Was referred years ago to hospital saw doctor once then after that registrar so didn't bother going again especially as they told me to stop all medication as didn't need it. Give up what the hell you meant to do.

Doctors don't always like patients having access to their results. But, if you live in the UK, it is your legal right to have a print-out of your results, under the 1998 Data Protection Act. If you get an actual print-out, rather than the doctor just telling you verbally, then you will have the ranges with the results. You should ask for a print-out every single time you have a blood test.

I've just read SeasideSusie's reply to you, and I agree with her on all she says. But, personally, I would go with the idea of an absorption problem. How do you take your hormone? On and empty stomach, one hour before eating or drinking anything other than water? Are you taking any other supplements or medication?

T4 8.9

TSH 0.03

FT3 4.2

the range is TSH .35/ 5.0 T4 6 /12 frre thyroxin 4.6/ 10.9 t4 0.7/1.53

Free thryoxin is usually referred to as Free T4. T4 without the F is usually Total T4. This is why we are confused about your results. If I was going to write out what you've told us so far, it would look like this :

T4 8.9 (6 - 12) or (0.7 - 1.53) Which range is it?

TSH 0.03 (range 0.35 - 5.0)

FT3 4.2 (range not given)

Free Thyroxin No test result given (range 4.6 - 10.9)

We need accuracy before we can help you. If we have to guess then we will probably guess wrong.

this ishow unhelful my doctor is got print out with no ranges just restults as follows free thyroxine 8.9 free tri iodothyronine 4.2 thyroid stimulating hormone 0.03

she was more concerned asking if i have heavy period had to explain that 2 years ago i had a hysterectomy and she was the one that referred me.

now looking into a new surgery as had enough of being messed about

It's got very confusing humanbean . I've just written out a lengthy reply to the OP further up, based on different ranges given now, I have no idea if I've just wasted my time!

Off to brush the dog and get my tea instead!

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