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Test results with no symptoms

My husband has had varying results over the last couple of years but is not on any medication and has no symptoms. The last 2 lots of results are as follows:

Free T4:. 14.5 (range 10 - 18) and TSH: 9.32 ( range 0.30 - 5.00)

2 months later

Free T4: 9.3 and TSH 6.23 - same range as above.

He has lost quite a lot of weight over the last year because he has been on a very healthy diet with no sugar and no dairy and drinking smoothies each day. I was concerned about the goitrogenic greens in the smoothies and added dried seaweed and a kelp tablet daily to his diet. The doctor said to come off the kelp and the second result is what happened with no kelp. Can anyone explain what is happening? He does not want to take medication.

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Kelp contains a lot of iodine which can raise TSH which will have stimulated your husband's thyroid gland to produce more T4. Too much iodine can trigger autoimmune thyroid disease (Hashimoto's) and isn't recommended unless patients are iodine deficient.

Your husband's FT4 is below range and his TSH will rise to stimulate more. He should accept Levothyroxine to replace low hormone otherwise he will become symptomatic and will gain weight and eventually develop major organ damage.


I am not a medical professional and this information is not intended to be a substitute for medical guidance from your own doctor. Please check with your personal physician before applying any of these suggestions.


absolutely, do not start him on thyroid meds! There are natural ways to get the thyroid in order. Yes..iodine causes weird thyroid issues. If he has no symptoms, leave it alone. Thyroid meds, cause your own gland to atrophy and do not work like the own gland. This is a huge group here on this forum, most of which are ill and having thyroid medication issues. I wish i didn't ever go down this road with thyroid meds and had treated my hashimoto's naturally. I would just stop getting thyroid labs done, if he feels fine. Many times doctors make people ill!


by the way..had you asked me this question, 2 years ago, i would have said nhe needed med, but not now, after all i have learned.


Thanks for that as he would definitely prefer not to take any medication. His Tsh and T4 have been monitored for a number of years and the doctor wants to discuss his latest results with him. What can you suggest to get his thyroid in order? He is very open to a more natural approach.


Read up on/google Peter grain , no pain, about vitamins needed for proper thyroid function..there was a video. Mark Hyman on reversing autoimmune disease, izabella wentz..reversing can all be related to grains and dairy, mostly..

Does he have antibodies to his thyroid? Have that tested ASAP..even privately, order it yourself.


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