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Private endocrinologist recommendation

Hi there, I wondered if anyone has any recommendations for a private endocrinologist in the north west? We are in north Wales but we are happy to travel. I have had a miscarriage this weekend and I would really like to see a specialist before we start trying to conceive again. My TSH is well below the recommended 2.5 for the first trimester but I'm worried that my antibody level may still be high and that this could have caused the miscarriage. I am on the waiting list for an NHS endocrinologist but I have already been waiting 3 months and have heard nothing back. I am already on a gluten free diet and I am going to start taking selenium too, just need to right one to take. Thank you in advance. Edited - I think I should have asked for you to private message me with any recommendations to follow the guidelines? Thanks!

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If you PM me your email I can send you the list of GP's and endo's that I got from thyroid uk. There's one in Wirral that me and my dad are thinking of going to x

I am very sorry you had a miscarriage to deal with as well as hypo.

If you email louise.roberts@thyroiduk.org.uk who has a list of doctors.

Members who have information will send you a Private Message and I'll close your post to comments on the forum :)

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