Ndt as a named person query?


Iv decided to try ndt as ft3 low, t4 ok but the symptoms still bothering me a lot , Mainly the cognitive side and anxiety, weight. I am Taking the vits and know it all takes time but time isn't what I feel I have ( it's years now and patience thin).

If I'm allowed relief I may get from taking some t3 I would be very grateful for the time being, then hope to get my body back into working order but know it's not definate

I've read up on the other page about getting prescription from doctor, know it's a long shot but want to say the the right thing !! He won't be comfortable I'm sure, so just to know please if he has to do anything g regarding the term 'on a named person basis'. Or does he just write a script as he usually would? And can he jut put NDT Or how will he know dose to put etc

Any tips much appreciated thanks so much as usual.


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Your GP probably won't even understand the acronym NDT. He will possibly have heard of Armour which is the most expensive brand of NDT. Other brands are NatureThroid, WP and Erfa.

NDT isn't licensed for UK use so it is unlikely your GP will agree to write a named person basis prescription. If he is prepared to do so he will work out the appropriate dose for you and he will know how to write the prescription.

Yes thanks but I feel there is slim chance with this particular gp and wanted any advice fire armed so to speak, he may look into it in other words( he disbelieved medichecks initially and then actually noted thyroid uk, T3 comments I made etc and showed him my obvious deficits of it

One can but try

I feel extremely low and more anxious since Levo 25 and don't know what to do about this, it is definitely worse taking Levo

Any thoughts appreciated pls anyone xx


How come there are chemists on the other page that provide erfa etc with a script?

How can this be if uk not licensed ??

Doctors in the UK are, legally, allowed to prescribe almost anything.

Doctors who work for the NHS or other organisations may have restrictions imposed on what they are allowed to prescribed.

When a medicine has been granted a product licence, that makes it quite clear prescribing that medicine for its indicated use is agreed to be acceptable. If a doctor wishes to prescribe a medicine for another purpose, or a medicine that is not licensed in the UK, they are still allowed to - but they do so on their own responsibility.

Perhaps single most important area this is widely done is in paediatrics. Relatively few medicines have been specifically licensed for use in children. So a lot of prescriptions are "off label" - unlicensed - but what else can a doctor do? They have to treat children with whatever is available, regardless of bits of paper.

Thankyou so much

I know I'm lucky and when my positivity visits again il be flying xx

I phoned the chemist this afternoon and said to visit private doc

So it isn't black and white that we not licensed and will definitely not get it.....son has tried in Thailand whilst on hol but no success, the company emailed to say just try any chemists, he gave up on my instruction after trying ten!!!! Do you know if n d t lifts depression and any feelings more than just t4 on its own, I believe it may from a very kind patient member x

Yes ndt lifts depression once optimal it's the t3 in it what does that...there's no way I can get ndt prescribed I tried the named patient basis one ,I begged,pleaded,cried..I was always given an emphatic NO and it would be detrimental to my health lol!..now I order it from Thailand and self medicate !

Thanks Lozzer, how are you feeling? How long did it take to help? Good for,you! Which one are you having?

Have you had bloods checked since, how did they show? Did tsh reduce ? Sorry like an interview ๐Ÿ˜Š

Ani reading this right? Are you really only taking 25 mcg thyroxine?

Yes 25. I know it's so low, (anxiety has worsened for sure since started it ).

I don't understand why I should need more levo t4 if level is ok, which it was in my case as high in the range, it is the ft3 that is low in range?

I feel I'm batting on about this but still done understand as it seems to be I'm not converting, why put in more t4, which appreciate would be doing by taking n d t but with this at least may take in the t3 good feel factor?

how does the tsh reading reduce, is it solely by taking t4? Or the overall picture pls? As said, my level of t4 high in range so unsure where the connection problem isChecking iodine this week

TSH reduces when a patient has sufficient Free T4 and Free T3. People aren't all the same though.

Some people have low TSH when they have plenty Free T4 but little Free T3. Some will have a high(ish) TSH with the same results.

In some cases, TSH doesn't reduce until Free T3 is at a reasonable level.

In an ideal world, the patient taking Levothyroxine (which is T4) converts it into T3 in the tissues of the body - the liver, heart, brain, muscles etc. But people vary in their ability to convert from T4 to T3. The people who can convert well are usually happy on Levo. The ones who can't convert efficiently don't feel well at all.

Most doctors don't know this, but the thing that makes people feel well is the level of Free T3 a person has. The level of TSH has little impact on feelings of wellness. Patient A may feel great when their Free T3 is 90% of the way through the reference range, patient B may feel great when their Free T3 is 60% of the way through the range. But few patients actually have the luxury to find out where and when they feel well because doctors don't care about Free T3 they only care about TSH. :(

Thankyou so much

Understand . thanks for good explanation, For me I'm unsure what to think ( my sieve brain definitely in need of t3). I have had high anxiety for 16 yrs and meno

When you commented on low Levo, would u think I should push up to 50. Even with having good t4, If taken n d t I will get best of both

....seems trial and error but do think I need to work on whether I convert ok when vitamins pick up this is crux

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