t4 : 14.6 and tsh : < 0.01 , is this dangerously high ? no any HYPER symptoms in the body

TOTAL TRIIODOTHYRONINE (T3) : 170 ng/dl (60-200


TOTAL THYROXINE (T4) : 14.6 μg/dl (4.5-12 )


Above is the result for my mothers @59 Years Old .

IS the reading are at dangerous level or its above normal ?

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Total T4 and T3 are rarely used in the UK which tends to use the unbound to protein Free T4 and Free T3 which show the bioavailability of T4 and T3 measured.

Your mother's T4 is above range but not dangerously so and T3 is within range. TSH 0.01 is suppressed because T4 is high and because T3 is high in range. Many UK doctors don't like suppressed TSH and consider it means over medication but a senior endocrinologist writes that some people need over range T4 and suppressed TSH to feel well. Read Treatment Options in thyroiduk.org.uk/tuk/about_... Email louise.roberts@thyroiduk.org.uk if you would like a copy of the Pulse article to show your GP.

My mother not on any medication for thyroid , she is diabetic type 2 from last 10 years . there is no symptoms of hyper thyroid . its general annual check .. Is TSH TOO LOW AND T4 high indicating hyper thyro ? Is medication for this life long ?


Your mother is hyperthyroid (over active). Anti thyroid drugs are usually prescribed for 12-18 months to regulate thyroid production and then it may be possible to wean off and attempt remission.

Oh OK, got fear of radioactive iodine or surgery. Under what condition , surgery and iodine becomes inevitable?

How high one could go in t4 ? Who far myoyhers t4 numbers out of range,? By numerical it looks slightly higher to 12 but is this huge in t4 ?


If she is comfortable on anti-thyroid drugs she can take them for ever. Any problems with anti-thyroid drugs usually become evident in the first 90 days. Most people take them for 12-18 months and then try for remission. If remission fails then she can resume anti-thyroid drugs. If she doesn't tolerate the anti-thryoid drugs then she may need radioactive iodine or surgery. I've had both. There's really nothing to be afraid of if either become necessary.

What do you mean by tolerate? Don't mind, you said you are also under same medication so your experience helps me to decide


Some, not all, people experience adverse side effects when taking anti-thyroid meds. It depends how mild or severe they are as to whether a person can continue taking them.

Thank you so much for your inputs according to your opinion, how you rate my mother's numbers high or mild case of hyperthyroid?


Mild but it shouldn't be ignored because it could continue increasing and might quickly become serious.

OK thank you will take it seriously , how about taking another test in different lab before meeting endo?


If you don't trust the lab you used go ahead.

THYROCARE - Lab known for abnormal THYROID Related Reports .. I searched It online and Its reviews are mostly bad. Will 1 0Days gap make any difference in the TSH & T4 Levels ? I mean, does these two parameters varies day to day ?

TSH varies during the day and blood should always be taken as early as possible preferably before 9am.

The Blood Sample Tested Very Late after Taking from The Person. According to the Report . It was almost 10 Hrs after sample taken . does it make any differenc e


TSH fluctuates throughout the day and night but T4 remains relatively stable. It really doesn't matter what time your mother tested as she is hyperthyroid not hypothyroid.

Do not know but may depend upon how it was stored .

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