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Fire well and truly lit!

Well had my GP appointment today and what a difference my haematologist has made. My Levo has been upped to 100mg,with a view that it will be upped again I have been started on 400mg Iron (200mg twice a day) and I start 2 weeks of B12 injections on Monday My GP apologised and said she will get me as near to 0.25 on my TSH as she can now that my Hematologist has confirmed without a shadow of doubt I have Hashis. She did say she will have to wait on my endocrine appointment to decide if my frees are in the right place. So I am happy for now.

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Oh, gold star haematologist! Hurrah! It shouldn't have come to that, but well, at least your haematologist has a clue (several clues - keep hold of that one, maybe!)

Hoping you start to feel lots better very soon. Keep posting on the pernicious anaemia site as well, as I have a feeling your doctor may not understand the need to keep letting you have B12 injections...


I am in love with my Heamatologist , my GP said to me after these next two weeks of loading doeses of B12 I will be on them every 2-3 months probably for life. I think my Heamatologist let her have it !!


I hope you got blood test organised for vitamin D

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My vitamin D has been the only result that has been OK constantly, I do everything I can to get my dose, I was prescribed a " happy lamp" as moving back to the UK after 13 years in Florida affected me greatly. One second of sunshine I am stood in it :)


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