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Is increasing Levo dose a good idea?


I have been taking 50mcg of levothyroxine for about 8 weeks. I went back to my GP after a thryoid function blood test 2 weeks ago. I didn't ask for specific numbers but she told me my results were now normal. But I haven't been feeling any better - still exhausted all the time, unexplained pain in random muscles and joints, brain fog and memory loss, dry skin...

I have also changed my diet, I am now gluten free, diary free, sugar, caffeine and alcohol free. I add a lot of coconut oil/milk to my food. I drink a green smoothie every day. I am taking supplements - magnesium, iron, vit B, vit C, vit D, calcium, zinc, fish oil.

I am an adventure racer and career firefighter so I exercise/train at least 5 days a week (sometimes twice a day). I don't recover well from training any more and definitely can't train as hard as I used to.

Anyway, I have decided to increase my levo dose to 100mcg, just to see if it makes a difference, do you think this is a sensible thing to do? I would normally never go against my doctor's advice.


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If you were going to increase it is usually 50mcg to start and increments of 25mcg every six weeks.

Also you must get a copy of your results from the surgery, with the ranges and post for comments. 'Normal' with regard to results i meaningless if we feel awful.

50mcg is a low dose and I think you're right to increase by 25mcg.

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Thank you, I will endeavour to get my results from my GP. I have absolutely no idea what my ranges are.

I increased the dose by 50mcg, so do you think I should cut that back so I now take 75mcg? I only started taking the increased dose 5 days ago.


If you feel o.k. with no overstimulation just continue on your dose (I am not medically qualified) if you get palpitations or feel too hot, drop down by 25mcg.

Always get a print-out of your blood tests for your own records and we are entitled by law to have them. They may charge a nominal sum - mine charges 30p.

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You may or may not need the iron, you probably don't need the calcium, and you need to be careful with Vit D as excess is stored in the body and can reach toxicity level. Also, Vit D has important cofactors, one of which is K2-MK7 and you haven't said that you're supplementing with that.

You really need to test vitamins and minerals and only supplement where necessary.

If not already done, ask for the following to be tested then post results with ranges for comment:

Vit D




and because you've been supplementing with it:



Thanks so much. I am not taking K2-MK7 so perhaps I shouldn't be taking Vit D without getting it tested. I do need to take iron as I am prone to iron-deficiency anaemia. I thought I should take calcium as I don't eat any dairy, perhaps I can get it from other sources? I can research that. I'm unsure about my B12 levels, so I will ask to get that tested.

Thanks again for your reply


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