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Test Results, help please

Hi. I asked for suggestions a little while ago on how to feel more human than I currently do. It was suggested that I put more test results in so here goes. Vit B12 382 ng/L (180.00-900.00ng/L), Vit D 32 (30-50nmol/L), Folate 4.8ug/L (more than 2.40ug/L) and ferritin 27ug/L (15.00- 300.00ug/L) Nor=t really sure what these indicate so open to advice please.

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Well, I'm not all that experienced in results but your vit D is really low and your B12 isn't good either. My B12 was similar to yours and my endo was happy with it but my mother had PA so I wasn't happy and bought some sublingual methylcobalamin B12 tablets and took them until my B12 increased.

My vit D wasn't so drastic but I bough a vit D spray and used that for a while but last year I went on a low carb high fat eating ( I was given steroids for RA and developed T2 diabetes, it's gone now though) and I see that my vitamin D is at a very good level, as I haven't been using my vit D spray recently I figure my two eggs every day have boosted my vit D levels. I also have fatty fish at least twice a week and eat lots of raw nuts Brazil's, walnuts, almonds, sunflower and pumpkin seeds. Also eat lots of dark green leafy veg, asparagus, broccoli, kale etc.

Your ferritin looks low but as I haven't had to do anything about my ferritin or folates I can't suggest anything but I'm sure someone will come along with more with advice.

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Thanks for your input. I was thinking much the same. So frustrating when dr says "all ok"! I will look at my diet and make some changes I think. As I have Vitiligo, I can't sit in the sun but do love it. I will wait to see what others say regarding the ferritin etc.


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