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Please help!


I am new here and really hope you can help me; I am quite desperate.

I have been dealing for years now with severe depression, irritability, fatigue, weight gain, headaches, sore throat, hair loss, restlessness, palpitations, poor concentration, bloating and nausea.

Last month I went to an endocrinologist who ordered thyroid level tests and vitamin D. The results were as follows:

Total 25-hydroxyvitamin D- 15.70 (30-100)

TSH- 0.691 (0.400-4.000)

Total T3- 0.64 (0.84-1.72)

Anti-TPO- 6.99 (0-34.0)

Anti-TG- 52.69 (0.00-115.00)

Free T4- 0.95 (0.89-1.76)

Since I had hypo symptoms, the doctor put me on Levothyroxine (half a 125 mg a day). Earlier this month, we repeated the tests and this is what they look like now:

Free T3- 2.97 (1.80-4.20)

Total T3- 0.57 (0.84-1.72)

TSH- 0.52 (0.27-4.2)

Free T4 1.63 (0.9-1-7)

It seems like my vitamin D and total T3 are the only ones considerably out of range, but is this what is causing all my symptoms? I am a 26-year-old female and I am starting to feel hopeless. My symptoms only seem to be getting worse, especially the fatigue, and I can't find a doctor who can take me seriously.

Any advice or suggestion will be greatly appreciated!

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Hi, Fiat. I am not medically qualified. I offer you information based only on my own experience. I am also not going to comment on your thyroid results, I'll leave that to the experts. I have an opinion, but we'll see if anyone else piles in. Your Vitamin D results are way under where they should be. If the doctor doesn't do something you should start supplementing. You will need Vitamin D3 - 10,000 iu daily for 6-8 weeks, then drop down to around 2000 iu daily and after around 3 months, get re-tested. (Assuming your endo does not prescribe loading doses - injections - as a consequence of your results). You will need to take Vitamin K Mk 7 along with the D3 to ensure that D goes to bones and teeth and is not deposited in arteries. Amazon is a good place to look for these products. Also, you will need to have your Vit B12, Folate and Ferritin tested. (Low B12 can result in depression and other neurological problems) These mins and vits are important for us hypos. Your endo/doctor probably won't do them, but there are private labs that we use. Medichecks and Blue Horizon. (Do a search here for details).

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Forgot to say: research suggests that magnesium should be taken alongside vit. D. And Vit D should be taken at least 4 hours away from your Levo.


Fiat Are you in the UK?

What is the unit of measurement for your Vit D - Ng/ml or Nmol/L

If it's Ng/ml then the recommended level is 40-60.

If it's Nmol/l then the recommended level is 100-150.

If it's Nmol/L then Steviecat has suggested a good loading dose although I would suggest reducing to 5000iu daily after the initial 6-8 weeks and retesting after 3 months as he says. Once you reach the recommended level then supplementation is for life and 2000iu daily may be the right maintenance dose, maybe less in the summer.

Here are the cofactors needed when supplementing with D3


So check those out, Stevie has already mentioned K2-MK7 and magnesium. Both magnesium and D3 should be taken four hours away from thyroid meds.


Antibodies are below range so negative for autoimmune thyroid disease. However, one negative doesn't rule it out completely.


Your TSH is low in range both times but your FT4 has swung from low in range to high in range so obviously the Levo has had an effect. However, your FT3 is quite low which could indicate that you are not converting very well.

Good conversion relies on vitamins and minerals being optimal,and we already know that your Vit D is low. The others could be as well so do as Stevie suggests and get B12, folate and ferritin tested too. B12 needs to be at the very top of it's range, even 900-1000, folate at least half way through it's range, and ferritin must be at least 70 for thyroid hormone to work properly and recommended is half way through it's range.

Also, supplementing with selenium L-selenomethionine 200mcg daily can help with conversion.


How long have you been on Levo?

Just a few tips:

When having thyroid tests, always book the first appointment of the morning, fast overnight (you can have water) and leave off Levo for 24 hours (take after blood draw). This gives the highest possible TSH which is what is needed when looking for an increase in dose or to avoid a reduction.

Always take your Levo on an empty stomach, one hour before or two hours after food, with water only. No tea, coffee, milk, etc, for an hour.

Any supplements or other medication should be taken two hours away from Levo, and iron, Vit D, magnesium and calcium four hours.


Fiat. Excellent advice from, Seaside. I should point out that she mentions Vitamin K2 Mk 7. This is correct - I left off the '2' in my post.


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