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Lump in throat

Last night i thought i would try lowering my T4 which i take at bedtime.

I normally take 100 T4 at bed and decided to take 25mcg to see what if anything would happen. I then normally take 25 T4 in the afternoon and so i take a total of 125 T4 per day.

Well this morning i feel pretty tired, but had a strange sensation of a lump in my throat. I have heard many people have this, but i have never experienced it.

Any idea what has happened here. Has the thyroid enlarged in response to less T4 around ?

Today i am now looking at trying to to play catch up with my T4

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Catching up after just one day of a low dose is easy. Just take the amount of levo you missed now, and continue as if the reduction never happened.

Some people take all their T4 once a week.

When the thyroid is unable to produce enough T4 the body may increase the size of the thyroid to try and maximise thyroxine output, if at all possible. I'm surprised that you felt an effect so quickly though.


I am as well, very strange. I have been messing with my T4 doses recently, so doing 75 at bed time and 50 in the day.

I will go back to 100 tonight and see how it goes.

I have also been using a male hormone called androsterone which may be using up the T4 quicker. It is a hormone not widely used, but a lot of guys are saying it is great for health. I thought i would try it and it seems to make a positive difference. It may mean i need to balance up the T4 a bit more though (not reduce down).


My wife has just mentioned she also feels a little tired/irritable today.

I wondered if what we did yesterday could contribute to what has happened. We went to a spa complex and they had outdoor heated iodine pools. We were probably in them for a good 1 1/2h's spread over the afternoon.

Could our bodies have taken on excess iodine and this has in turn had an effect on our thyroids ?


I have no idea if the body can suck up iodine out of the air or through the skin, so I can't help with an answer to that question.

Iodine (like calcium) is one of those things that should only be taken by people who have been tested and found to be deficient.

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Iodine can be absorbed through the skin.

Iodine can be absorbed by breathing in any iodine or iodine-containing substances in the air.

Unfortunately I could not readily find trustworthy information about iodine used in pools. Some of what I found was frankly gross misinformation from people trying to flog iodine compounds for use in pools - despite it apparently being banned in some countries. That is, they said they were not selling it as a pool steriliser but everything on the site was about exactly that.

Without knowing far more, indeed, without understanding far more than I do, there is no way I could say it whether it was safe or not, how much iodine you could have absorbed, or anything else useful.

Maybe contact the people who run it and ask for their health and safety information? It would be interesting to know.

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Lots of vitamins can be absorbed via skin eg....magnesium oil or spray, B12 patches, HRT etc

I would guess iodine can be absorbed via skin

If your wife has Hashimoto's any extra iodine is not a good idea


We don't have hashimotoes, but the iodine has certainly had some effect on us today. I am feeling better this evening after taking some more T4 and 5mcg T3.

Very strange though !


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