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Nodule shrink with T3?

Hi, my mom had a partial thyroidectomy a few years ago. since then she is taking NDT and feels good. Her doctor says she has a small nodule on her other part of the thyroid and sent her to ultrasound. I Have research that some people have shrunk this with natural supplements. But also wouldn't it make sense for my mom to take T3 only?

If I understand this. Nodule happens because your TSH (thyroid) is working hard to make the T4-T3 hormones. So she has only 1 working ...if she suppresses it with T3. wouldn't this nodule shrink? I know T3 suppresses TSH dramatically this is why I'm asking.

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Um... I think you might have got things a bit muddled, there. It's a goitre that means that your thyroid is working too hard. Most people have nodules, even if they don't have thyroid problems. And, it's not just T3 that suppresses TSH, T4 will suppress it if you take enough of it. TSH is a pituitary hormone, not the thyroid itself. Thyroid Stimulating Hormone. Hormones don't work hard.

As for 'natural' supplements, be very careful what you take. It could do more harm than good.

It the nodule is non-cancerous and doesn't produce its own hormone, then just forget about it.

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I'm none too sure what exactly you are trying to say here. Others may understand better.

The one thing I can add is to reinforce what greygoose says to ignore the nodule unless it it either cancerous or is causing you quite very significant problems. Do not opt for surgery or, especially, for RAI unless there is a very, very good reason.

If she still has ½ of the thyroid gland it should (???) continue to produce sufficient thyroid hormones to satisfy her body. It is one possibility that the remaining thyroid is not being given enough of a stimulus to restart production if the entire thyroid had stopped working before the partial thyroidectomy. Taking any thyroid hormones would probably delay it starting up again. It took about 4 months after my partial T before I regained good health and my doctor was, at that point, prepared to start me on T4. Fortunately there was no need.


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