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LEvothyroxine dosages and spotty itchy forehead

Hi, last August i was started on very low dosage of Levo 25 and I don't know why but after a while all my itchy spots on my forehead cleared up after a few weeks...about 8 weeks ago as my blood test had only improved slightly dr pres robed 50.. I have those itchy spots back again after 6 weeks on the 50 dosage and am awaiting the results of another blood test last week

Do you think it maybe I need a stronger dosage or would this ha w nothing to do with Levo.

My last reading 8 weeks ago was TSH 3.67 and T4. 14.7..

I am 81 and I quite good health, BP 134/80

Thank you


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I can't really help much in regard to spots on forehead but you definitely needed a dose increase so you'll have to see what happens with your next test results.

Most people with hypothyroidism are often deficient in Vit B12, Vit D, iron and folate so would be good to get these tested also.

If you had the itchy spots before starting thyroid treatment, I wouldn't think that it is caused by this even if it did seem to relief temporarily. In my experience, itchy spots are generally caused by something in my body that my system doesn't like. This could be topical (creams/lotions/makeup) or more often ingested - food intolerances. Many hypo people find going gluten free helps anyway and is the most likely culprit, with dairy being the next obvious but sometimes it is more obscure things but you could try a food diary or elimination diet for six weeks to see if anything seems to bother you more.

If I read wrongly and the itchy spots started after you started taking levo, it could be a reaction to the fillers and different brands and doses have different ingredients. The brand Teva seems to be the one that most people complain of so if this is the case, you could try a different brand or 50mcg dose but the same brand you had last time on the 25?

Please post any further results you have for people to advise and hope you feel better soon :-)


Thank you saggyuk..will see what the results are . I have prescribed Vit D3 and recently purchased myself K2. Maybe it's the K2 ..I was drinking Kefir milk probiotic drinks over the last three weeks..I have just stopped,them and taking capsules instead..So will see.. thanks for your input 😊



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