Night sweats?

Does anyone get really bad night sweats occasionally and knows what causes it? I used to get them regularly with levothyroxine but fewer on NDT. Last night was awful, had to change nightdress as I was soaked. I ate late so failed to take my NDT till the early hours. I have had a total hysterectomy 3 years ago, on low dose hrt estrogen patches and cannot do without hrt as my hot flashes are awful when I stop.

Thank you

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  • Skyebeardie,

    Low B12 can cause night sweats

    Folic acid can help with menopausal hot flushes

  • Hi, see if you can catch the most recent episode of 'Doctor in the House' on iplayer. As Clutter has said, B12 was the culprit.

  • I'm religiously sucking on my jarrows B12, I also take metabolically b complex but guess my levels are not high enough yet. I've been supplementing since March. Last night more sweats. I'll keep on sucking!

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