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Private doctor or specialist in Stratford-upon-avon/chipping campden area for treatment & NDT??

My mother is suffering very badly from hip pain and following test has been told she does not have arthritis and does not need a hip replacement (she is 81), she does have have osteoporosis in her spine though.

She is Hypothyroid like me and her Gp reduced her levo does after a TSH test showed 0.07. Another test recently showed a TSH of 9.9 and they have upped the dose to 100mcg again.

I think she should try NDT but I think she would be nervous doing it by herself so I am looking for a doctor/naturopath/specialist who could guide her through switching and test for other issues. The list from ThyroidUK does not show anyone in warwickshire or gloucestershire (they are on the edge of the two between Stratford-upon-avon and Chipping Campden). Perhaps London is the only answer but I thought i'd ask if anyone had knowledge of someone else.

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Sorry I am not able to help with a suitable Doc. I too have hip pain on the outside of the hip - Trochanter Bursitis - and have been using Osmopatches with great success. They have a website and come from Oz. You pop them on overnight and remove them in the morning. All natural but help with the pain :-) Have just ordered two more packs !

Hope you soon find the help you need for your Mum ....


Thanks Marz - what is in them do you know? It does sound like bursitis but I also wonder about a link to hypothyroidism.


Best to have a look at the website and about the guy who invented them in Oz. Works by osmosis - drawing out the inflammation - hence the name. Typing in osmopatch should bring it up. Yes I do believe there is a link with being Hypo/Hashi's - all muscles and tendons connected to my shoulders and hips are tender - sometimes more 😊


I'm hoping there may be people out there who have found joint/tendon problems have improved on NDT. My Mum has been on Levothyroxine for decades and now has osteoporosis in her spine but since she 81 doctors tend to just put everything down to age. I think she should try NDT but I don't want to push it, she needs to be happy with the decision.


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