Is here an Endo in the Midlands that will prescribe NDT/Armour?

I am really hoping that my GP will let me try NDT or Armour whichever is available on the NHS!! She is very understanding and said she will refer me to an Endo, but I would like some names (if poss) so I will recognise if they are likely to listen, so its not a waste of time!!

She hasn't said that she will prescribe it herself so I think this will be the way she looks at it? I am seeing her on Monday afternoon (24th Aug) so I am hoping some of you will let me know by then!!

I have been on Levo for some 24 years and feel really desperate now.

Thanks in advance xxx

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  • Where in the Midlands are you? My OH sees an Endo in Northamptonshire (but I don't know whether that's near enough?) who will prescribe T3, though reluctantly... :(

    Most endos won't prescribe Armour or any other brand of NDT before you get your hopes up too far...

  • I am in Warwickshire! I think it's too far away. .but thanks for your reply jazzw really appreciate your feedback. Wish me luck! ! Xx

  • Sorry, can't help with a name but all verions of NDT are available on a namd patient basis at ANY surgery.

  • Oh I didn't know that..thank you. Do you then have to pay for the prescription?

  • Unless its a private prescription then no, you shouldn't have to pay. Most GPs won't prescribe because of the cost, they have a personal drugs bill they are not alowed to exceed.

  • What is NDT? Am I missing out on a new drug for hypothyroidism. I was diagnosed in 2008 I take 50 micrograms daily I still struggle with fatigue and falling asleep easily but all my levels are within a normal range.

  • NDT stands for natural dessicated thyroid hormones which were the original hormones given to patients since around 1892. Before then there was no cure. There are quite a few ones but none are licenced in the UK therefore it is difficult for doctors as they have also been told that levothyroxine is the 'perfect' hormone replacement but many of us know differently. These are made from animals' thyroid glands.

    You can approach your doctor and I'll give you a couple of links of explanation.

    Levothyroxine was introduced around the late 50's/60's and promoted as the 'perfect' replacement but although it seems to suit many people, it also doesn't agree with a lot but doctors don't believe us.

    You can always ask your doctor if he would allow you to trial T3 (liothyronine - the active hormone required in our cells) to your T4. It should be on a 1 to 3 basis (i.e. 1 T3 to 3 T4). Research has shown that this is an ideal combination.

  • hi My private endo is reasonable and does , also asks GP to do tests etc. but hard to find one on The NHS. If you want details let me know.


  • I do have all the main tests done..TSH, T4, T3. But thats it! Do you think there needs to be something else tested?? Thanks for your reply x

  • Hi Jackie. Please could you PM me name of the NHS endo in Warwickshire that you are referring to? I live in Warwick. Thank you in advance.

  • Hello Jackie could I possibly have details of your endo x

  • HI Diabates can go with thyroid and should be tested every year. B12 and iron and ferritin are most important. Some people like to have antibodies done too but really makes no difference to the treatment.

    Will the GP give you Levo and T3, if you need it? That may make the difference, depends on your FT3.


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