Small success - many thanks!

When I joined this site a few months back, my Vitamin D was pretty seriously deficient (43 nmol (74-198). Thanks to the advice I have received here, it now stands at 110 nmol - Medichecks, today. So that's a bit of a win for both of us, I reckon. (And bugger-all to do with my hopeless quack who is about as much use as a handbrake on a canoe).

Many thanks, you lot!

Stevie :-) x

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Excellent. When I told my endo that knee and hip joint pain resolved after I corrected my vitD deficiency he told me vitD deficiency didn't cause bone pain. Pillock!

I believe we may share the same medical buffoon, Clutter. I'll wear a red carnation in my buttonhole. Do wave if you spot me :-)


Will do :-D

I'm now assigned to his colleague who thinks my TSH is over suppressed :(

Mine does, too. See, we are being, er, treated by the same bricklayer! I have a feeling mine is suspicious of my near-miraculous numbers. But since I'm on NDT and only need him for the odd blood test, I'm letting him believe he's a genius...


I'm not that good an actor :-D

I once was... but you won't have seen me in anything :-)

I just have to ask....was it, erh, educational πŸ˜‰

The acting? No... Drama school. Bit of stage - West End - panto, short film, music vid, bits and bobs... Got tired of sitting on the phone; made me vitals ache ;-)

No doubt comes in handy!

Well done on getting level up😊

Ta, Summer! (Summer solstice - you know?) OK, sorry... ;-)

Good one ... 😊😊😊 no better time of year

Agreed! :-)

What's NDT please.

NDT is Natural dessicated thyroid. That's a general term for various different makes of pills containing not just T4 (levothyroxine) but T3 too. Our thyroids produce T4, and T3 (and a couple of other things) when they are functioning well. NDT is usually from pigs (sometimes cows) and replaces what our bodies need in what some people find is a much more effective way than taking Levothyroxine. It used to be the only treatment for hypothyroidism some years back. It's not available through the NHS but can be bought online. There are various trade names - Armour (USA), Naturethroid, Thyroid-S, Thiroyd and some others.

Hope that helps

Thankyou . I can't take that. Will try others

people who are vegetarians usually take a combination of Levothyroxine (T4) and T3 (liothyronine(?)) instead.

Oh, well done Steviecat :) Maintenance dose now???

Thanks, Sea :-) Yep, just got to work out what that might be...


If you're able to get sun on your skin you probably don't need to supplement until Oct-Apr and 2,500iu will probably be sufficient then.

Thanks, Clutter. Ooh, a bit scary... but you've always been brill with your advice :-)

Hi Delicious. Er, yes, but my quack had nothing to do with Vit D resolution. He could hardly be bothered. It was just me - and this site ;-)

Hi Delicious. In the normal course of events I would agree with you. But my quack has suggested that I am suffering from hypochondria and would I be interested in hypnotherapy. So no, sadly I shan't be offering the courtesy which he would never reciprocate.

I have been hardly able tovwalk for nearly a year duecto severe foot, knee, hip pains. Started on Vit D and T3 and two months later all starting to improve!

That's great, Sarah! :-)

I also got my Vitamin D level checked because of advice received on this site. Mine came back as 30 range 75-200. Dr hadn't checked my level despite me going backwards and forwards to her for past 4 years suffering from pain and feeling unwell. She didn't test my thyroid - a neurologist picked this up and ran blood tests based on my symptons and I found out I have Hashimoto's because of him. I have seen so many specialists both privately and Nhs and yet nobody thought to carry out simple blood tests. My gp has and still does make me feel like I'm a nuisance but I will not stop presenting myself at her door until she gets my Levothyroxine dose correct etc. Thank god for this site, I have learnt so much from it in continue to do so. Thank you all!

A sad, but all too familiar tale, Lulu. More power to your elbow! :-)

I dont have a thyroid dur to cancer13 years ago, visited Drs and consultants in many countries as health continued to deteriorate and even with rhus major red flag and me saying I think the IBS, migraines, fatigue, pain in feet and shoulders, shakes and insomnia is linked to my thyroid meds was ignored because noone offered any alternative to T4 and I didnt know there was any! Been virtually housebound for a year but three months into supplements and two with increasing T3 and decreasint T4 and getting my life back!

Sarah. That is great news! Well done for sticking it out and finding your own way forward :-)

Wonderful news. Gives me hope. Off in morning to see what tests the doc will let me have before I pay for some. Thankyou for this post

Thanks, Ginger. Glad you've been inspired. Good luck in your 'quest'. :-)

I live in a wee caravan and get at least an hour sitting out or more pottering in flowerbed. Is there a required amount of sunshine?

I can't answer that, Ginger. Have a search on previous posts :-)

l believe l have read that we can make do with minimum of about half an hour or so of sunshine or outside (as its reckoned to be able to come thru the atmosphere in winter). Believe that is right but dont count on it.

indeed, I have made significant changes since joining the site...I have changed the time i take my meds, started vitamin supplements so i am at my optimum and asked the GP practice for printouts of my blood results so I can post and get guidance if required. Interestingly whilst the practice agreed to give me MY blood results they declined to give future results in the absence of further doctor approval?? I had asked for printouts of current and future results. I didn't argue with the receptionist, not her fault, but is this a common scenario?

Di08. Good news that the site has helped :-) Results? I think you are entitled to ask for them, regardless. Sounds to me like the receptionist was on her high-horse. Probably peeved that you had asked in the first place. The 'Gatekeeper Syndrome', perhaps.

So glad you are doing well. The VitD spray helped me enormously. I dont go outside enough l know as loathe where l live. Am having such trouble with arrogant GP unbelievable - and others cant believe the way she has spoken and fobbed me off. Like when l said Dr Mercola says UK Thyroid test is not much good, she says Oh well you better go there then ie to US. Brassed off doesnt cover it after more than 4 decades, but am getting some terrific help from Pituitary Foundation - as it appears my problem is there and Adrenals

Ah, Blue, the usual quack's response then. Why are they so against learning? It's a mystery...

They seem to have 'locked' minds, cant think why except most are the same; l always like learning new in all areas. l wrote and told Practice Mgr l had been fobbed off all round (ie incompetent Hospital endo who had seemed pleasant + GP & her husband before her - who l was aware didnt like me for some reason.) Hospital PALS (complaints nice lady) told me: referred back GP or to ask for 2nd Opinion to which we are entitled . l had to be pleasant to Practice Mgr as he is in the middle- and l suspect wd agree with me, and l dont want put him in awkward situation. Young consultant l saw refused see me again after saying: nothing wrong

I was worried if that didnt work, but Pituitary Foundation who l have joined since its now apparent that is where my problem is, are arranging for me to meet the Endo and NeuroS at their meeting soon; l was looking Medics up and cdnt find enough info. Apparently there is Endo and Endo - some are Centres of Excellence but where l went first was not one! l had not been offered Southampton then which is. l shall insist on it next. Another option a friend reminded me is to see your choice privately, then ask to be put on NHS list!

Hi, Delicious. Point taken :-) If only my quack had the slightest interest in my well-being, I'd be with you all the way. However, since he thinks I'm a hypochondriac, and since he knows less about the thyroid than I know about quantum mechanics, I'll keep him in the dark and do my own thing. He has demonstrated quite forcibly that he is the doctor and I am but an insect buzzing around his ear. Sadly, there is little I can do, because his English is quite good and my French is quite bad...

Please dont give up Stevie unless you really can get yourself right. Perhaps we should try a letter in local Paper asking for others not satisfield with Thyroid treatment - and form a group that way for each Practice

Ah but they just will NOT take responsibility. Not only are they the second highest paid in this country but We paid for all their Medical training for the current lot as well. My GP does aim to totally control interview - and l have let her only so far. For as a Medical Sales Rep l was 'trained to control' interviews and cd fairly easily snatch it away. But when you are in there, its hard to make an immediate judge-ment on just how nasty they are being until you reflect after at home. l have woken up fuming - which never happens otherwise these days. When l get a full Diagnosis you can be sure she will hear about it from me, and the useless Endo who refused see me again.

We do need to be heard collectively but just where - and who? MPs are not much good l find and not slightly interested in the little lady up the road without a handle to her name - and no help to his career!

Oh smart, Delicious. All the time l was in Medical Sales (and hoped l was helping some) l used 'homeopathy' myself and of course never dared breathe the word. l think GPs are far too secure in their jobs and like 'uniformed staff' or say 'Council staff' (not workmen who are always pleasant) far too sure of themselves and that the rest will stick up for them. Have thought of seeing Snr Ptnr but he is not easy & will likely stick up for her, just to be against us ie control. l did Medical Sales for 4 yrs as l loathed Offices and had many reps calling on us in Hospital offices and decided l cd do with a free car + being out of reach. Snags there too but today wd be hell with mobile phones. l cdnt go on as they were moving into 'mind altering' drugs and 'ca' drugs a lot of which l didnt agree with. Turns out our company and maybe both were taken over by G..x. who to my mind has shown no ethics at all - so wd have had to get out anyway. When their factory workers become ill they appear to deny it is anything to do with them. They also think they can send you anywhere in the country disguised as promotion and dis-rupt the whole family etc

I tend to follow that path, delicious.

I'm with you there, delicious :-) xx

And right back at yer :-) xxx

l too have kept away most of my life as they have never been much use to me, and any drug prescribed l have always checked from age 18. When l moved here, l was more than lucky to be directed to a Healer at Bournemouth - who it turned out was extremely gifted with female hormones and l wd say saved my life. But after 20 years of 3-monthly help he was suddenly taken from us 4 years ago, since when l am left going downhill. But thanks to Pituitary foundation l think l now have the answer why/what. Just need right Endo to fix it. l am told certain Endocrinology Depts are Centres of Excellence - and needless to say the first one they sent me was not.

Yep, Del - knowledge is power :-)

That really is an issue - being able to check we ourselves are doing the right thing. l was told the only place to get Cortisol - as l am diagnosed Low (not that GP cd care a toss) but a guy who has had this problem who told me, said it is better for you to get the dose discussed/prescribed with professional

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