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Any input welcome....Had T3 tested and it is 1.7 nmol/L - good or bad? thanks

It says that the lab range is 1.3 - 3.1 nmol/L on the sheet and I m 1.7. I am back on levo as thyroid gold wasn't really working for me or I was0nt taking enough of it?...My TSH was 6.1 this time......but just wondering is the 1.7 at all relevant and do i need more T3?

Thanks for any input by the way .

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Your TSH is way too high it should be below 1

your T3 is low but thats possibly due to low ferritin or folate as without these 2 being at least halfway up their ranges your body will have trouble utilising the thyroxine and converting it into the t3 your cells are screaming for


Yeah am working on ferritin etc....but we are gonna check blood tests in a months time for this.


why do you think you might not have been taking enough Thyroid Gold? By which I mean - how do you feel, rather than what do the test results say. And what dose were you advised to take?


My TSH just went up higher on it is all. I am back trying a higher level of levo now.


also was advised to take 300 once a day but I still felt rotten a month and a half later and tsh went up.....I was only using the thyroid gold and nothing else....


Yes, your t3 is quite low. Do you feel unwell?

Reply doc seems to think its fine but I dont....upping my levo and checking tsh in a months time however.


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