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Where can I buy Thiroyd from? Desperate and sick on Levo 😢


Please can someone pm me a good reliable online supplier of Thiroyd from Thailand? I have been on Levothyroxine for approx 2 years now and I feel dreadful. Weight gain, extreme tiredness and foggy head. I just can't go on with it anymore. I started on 25mcg, now up to 100 and still feel rubbish. Thin hair, moon face, sluggishness,tight chest, breathless, constipation, depression. The list goes on. I've made huge life changes , gluten free, ultra healthy food!, I take all the recommended supplements- iron, folate, good b mix, vit d, omega 3, good multi (solgar)...I try to exercise regularly - joined borrowmydoggy lol! , still no improvement. Really down.please help.

Ps my tsh blood levels are all within range. ( subclinical?)

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hayleyhappyface Can you post your test results, in range doesn't mean they are optimal.

Also, what are the results of your vitamins and minerals and the doses of supplements you're taking?


Do you have Hashimotos? (High antibodies)

Memory issues can be low B12 - as SeasideSusie says have you got recent test results for Vit D, folate, ferritin & B12 (including ranges)

If you have Hashimotos might be. better to avoid a multivitamin. Many have iodine in and we really should avoid.

Also best to avoid all soya (including soya lecithin) and lots of us use floride free toothpaste

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Hi Slowdragon,

Thankyou for your reply. I had elevated thyroid antibodies , over 900 if i remember, ( ive been ill over 20 years and untreated) so was referred to an Endo doc in Yeovil and he felt my throat, tapped around on my reflexes and then declared I didn't have Hasimotos 😕


Suggest you email Louise at Thyroid Uk for a list of recommended endocrinologists.

If you have raised antibodies you do definitely have Hashimoto's

Get copies of your results and post on here.

Also essential to get vitamin D, folate, ferritin and B12 checked

Changing to gluten free diet has really helped very many of us with Hashimoto's

Medics seem to have no idea about close connection between Hashimoto's and leaky gut & gluten

Also try to avoid all soya and definitely don't supplement any iodine (might be in multivitamin) it can make Hashimoto's much worse


Hi Hayleyhappyface, definitely post your thyroid results with ranges and if you havent had them done recently test the vits seasidesusie suggests. Within range is so not good enough! I didnt feel any better until TSH was low 0.05 ( 0.2-4.2) and FT4 right at very top (21.85 (12-22) as that is where I personally need to be to have sufficient FT3 to feel halfway decent. Even then I had lingering fatigue, excessive sleep need, dry skin etc I couldnt understand why thyroid levels looked good but I still felt rubbish - until I corrected poor nutrient levels.

Like many I knew I needed good vit levels in theory, took a decent multivit, cod liver oil etc. It wasn't til I addressed unsuspected deficiency in Vit D and poor B12/folate levels that I actually began to feel well and realised you can feel quite a significant physical improvement by getting vits right too (and once again not just 'in range')

You may still need to go the self treatment route, levo may not suit you, but it is worth getting all your ducks in a row first to see if you can avoid the hassle self sourcing can cause.


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