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Hi I'm new here and glad to be here. I'm looking for some relief for itchy ear canals. I've been checked out. No wax, no infection, no other problems. My ears started about two to three years ago out of the blue...but it was about the same time I switched from armour thyroid to levothyroxine. My ears havedriven me crazy. I am grabbing anything I can findto scratchwith. Also I put hydrocortizone cream in them. This gives some relief but only for about a day. I dont have a fungus, wax buildup, etc. Im convinced its thyroid. They get teally itchy...feels like something is tickling on the inside, then they get scaley right around the opening...not where youcan see but usually right behind that little flap and the inside crease above it. I would love to hear from anyone else who's had these exact symptoms. Another thing, I can never tell from the way I feel as far as other symptoms go if I miss a couple doses of thyroid meds or not.


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Hi, I got eumovate from the doctor which helped a lot. Clemmie

What is that

It's a cream. Clemmie

Hubby has the same thing, he swears by Eumovate too.

Have you thought about going back on NDT for a bit to see if the itching is relieved? Not to be nosy but why did you switch?

I've just come to the conclusion that my itchy ears are caused by levo! I haven't taken any for 4 weeks and I no longer have itchy,scaly ears!

Howong had you neen on Levo and did the ear thing happen about the time you started it.

I get exactly the same with my ears but dont think it is caused by my levo, just the reverse as it improved when dose was increased and gradually crept back until next test where i got another raise and so on. I also have two large dry itchy patches on my thighs which follow the same cycle, although not normally a sufferer i think it is like eczema, unfortunately due to such rubbish memory I always forget to show the doc!! 6 weeks ago my numbers were finally in a good place and all dry itchy bits healed, it was bliss, they are creeping back again and I will lay odds my numbers are slipping again

As far as not feeling the effect of missing a dose or two, if you are talking levo my understanding is because T4 is a storage hormone the effects may not show up for several weeks so it might explain those odd days when for no apparent reason you feel 'a bit off' but not be connecting the two events due to time lapse. I also believe it is more noticeable on NDT or T3 only as your body notices the missing T3 component quite quickly so you may be expecting to notice the same sort of effect from a missed dose

I had that when I was very hypo. I don't know a solution, but i sympathise , it's a nightmare.

Hi JS33, do you want to be a guinea pig? I say that if you take unfiltered apple cider vinegar before or with meals. Just a teaspoon or so with a little water, it will help make a balance of the good bacteria as it goes through the gut plus help digest amino acids. Really, if you don't notice something within a week I will be surprised. If you want to take it a step futher, take digestive enzymes and proteolytic enzymes like Serrapeptase. It really will do wonders for your system.

Serapeptase has done nothing to help me. I read that it 'ate' pain, most of the reviews were optimistic and positive for that result. So I thought I would try it for the pain in my toe and elbow joints but nothing has changed so maybe it has multiple uses?

Ellie, I have to say it has not made a huge difference in my back pain but some recommendations are to take about fifteen tablets or more. The dose is measured by SPU (I think it's called) and you need 100's of thousands. I went through almost three bottles and finally noticed a reduction in the knots on my lower back. I'm going to continue because of that and think it is a slow process. It has other benefits so I'm not giving up on it yet.

Good Lord! I can't imagine what that must be costing. I'm glad you are feeling relief though. I'm not going to buy any more. I do know homeopathic remedies take a few months to work and I try and find natural solutions when I can. I shall do more research. x

A cheap experiment you can try.

It is possible that your problem is caused by a fungal infection. You could buy something called Canesten Solution (not cream) to see if it helps.

Here is the Patient Information Leaflet :


Summary of Product Characteristics :


Here is the box :


It is available without prescription. The pharmacist had never heard of it and had to order it for me. It cost £4.50.

I think itchy ears is just one of the many symptoms that are common in hypothyroid people. Your description of the problem sounds like what I get. *Sigh*

If the Canesten Solution doesn't help you could ask your doctor for a prescription for Otomize Ear Spray. I just wish it was available without prescription because this stuff did actually help me. It is a combo of a steroid and an anti-bacterial substance in a spray.


In the above link look in the Sub-sections at the bottom of the listing and click on the name Otomize.



And a general link :


Hi I developed exactly the same issues with itchy ear canals after I started taking Levothyroxine.

Also after some months the itching of my skin on arms and legs was unbearable. I was diagnosed, after six months of starting Levothyroxine, with multisite Lichen Planus. This is an autoimmune disease that affects skin and membranes. It has affected my mouth and sinuses and genital area. I suspect it affected my ear canals as well.

A few weeks ago I posted about LP. I have discovered numerous papers connecting hypothyroidism Levothyroxine and Lichen Planus. If you google the three terms together you will find information. There is some connection between all three.

I reduced my dose which improved matters and I am looked after by a multidisciplinary team consisting of deematologist, ENT surgeon and oral medicine at Guys and St Thomas's in London. Treatment of LP is with strong steroid mouthwashes and creams.

I should add I do have Hashimoto's and LP is another autoimmune disease. My ears did settle down eventually but occasionally it flares again which is incredibly frustrating. I am aiming to become gluten and lactose free as reducing these has already made a difference to me. I am also trying to get a referral to a sympathetic endo who is willing to try an alternative to Levo and sort out my current hypo symptoms.

Your first comments about Armour are interesting perhaps that suits you better.

Have you tried EURAX cream? Gives relief from itching for up to 10 hours, I bought from Superdrug Pharmacy (costs about £5 which is a VERY large size so quite cheap) though I have a feeling that itchy ears and dryness caused by Levo.. I was fine on Eltroxin but it became not available and was changed to Wochkard and think that's when trouble started also probiotics recommended by some folks

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