OMG the builders are here, I have my PIP form to complete, and a Genova Adrenal Stress Profile to do!

I feel so c**p the stress is really getting to me. There's really noisy building work going on and I'm trying to put stuff together and write responses for the dreaded PIP form. I phoned the CAB yesterday who have a central number, it's 5p a minute and the tape played on answering is long, plus the Shrewsbury Office has to phone the Ludlow office to get them to call me this afternoon sometime to make an appointment???? I'm slowly going bonkers with it all.

The PIP form took over a week to come it all has to be done by 16th May, is it easy to get an extension of time? Does anyone know?

My bladder is kicking off with the extra stress, peeing every 20 mins, and I fainted again in the shower on Sunday.

Yes I'm feeling very sorry for myself :-( xx

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  • Ahhhhh, hope you feel better soon!

  • Thanks RoloHibs. I'm waiting for June lol! The drilling into blocks by the builders are just about finishing me off! I daren't go out because of the promised phone call :-( The only way to survive builders is to be miles away :-) x

  • That sucks :( I am sorry to hear that Helcaster. Fingers crossed it will be over soon.e xx

  • Thanks edysia, I'm hoping it's the last day of builders today :-)

    My form is largely filled in and I will be so relieved when it's in the post!

    How are you doing?

    Hugs. Xxxx

  • I can sympathise! In my last house, before I was diagnosed, they started building right next door. The day that they started to put in the footings, they were so close to my house that my mirror and pictures were actually bouncing on the wall! It sent me quite mad, lol! Oh I hope you get some relief soon!

  • I've had 16 months on and off building work and I'm glad by the end of the week they'll be gone. The house is a total wreck though, no kitchen and we still can't use upstairs! It's been tough. But yesterday I had 8 hours of them drilling into masonry and I couldn't go out as the CAB were calling! At least my partner is really handy, it's just dragged on so long.

    I bet you felt like you wanted to move house with all that going on next door!

  • It's not easy to get an extension in the PIP return time of the initial form, or in fact any part of the process. For the initial form you might get 14 days extension if you phone - you MUST phone DWP and ideally record the conversation to prove you actually did phone so if they dispute it's late you can prove you asked for an extension. I have had to use a phone call I have taped on more than one occasion to prove something with the DWP that they tried to deny ever saying. You need to have a very good reason, ill health would be a good reason - noisy building work wouldn't.

    My strong advice as a lay person is to try your utmost to do it within the time scales on your letter.

    The whole PIP process is VERY stressful but please stick with it :)

  • Hi Suzey, I had a call yesterday afternoon to come in to the CAB today! I did feel it was too soon, but I have spent 3 days taking bite size chunks of typing and digging out DR's letters. The CAB worker used to work for the DWP as a decision maker! She said my application shouldn't fail, but I've been on the receiving end of DWP dirty tricks before. So a tiny bit for me to do and it should be at the post office by Friday. Huge sigh of relief, but I know that won't be the end of it.

    Thanks for your help Suzey.xx

  • It isn't the end of it by any means but when it is posted (by recorded delivery) take some respite from it all, worrying about it will not get you the benefit you deserve - for the time being that is out of your hands - spend what energy you have on yourself, not worrying about the result. You can bet the DWP sleep well at night.

  • Hi suzey, to be honest brown envelopes send me into a blind panic, i've had to fight the DWP all the way. There just doesn't seem much help out there as the cuts to the local authorities mean benefits advisors, here any way, will only help if you're already known to them and receiving some kind of service. In a huge county like Shropshire where I live just 3 CAB's left

    I'm going to send it by recorded delivery definitely,plus I log any calls to and from them. I have good reasons not to trust them, I ended up having a social worker on my side last time who really put a bomb under them with some very succinct correspondence!

    I'm definitely going to chill for a few days when this is posted!

    Thanks for your support. Xx

  • Have you looked at the Benefits and Work website? they provide really invaluable advice. Paster the address below into google.

    Good luck be with you.

  • Yes I had a good look and it was so helpful. I was so lucky today I called in to the CAB office for my appt to fill in the ***** form. Nearly done now thank goodness. Xxx

  • Poor you. The government does like to make it as hard as it can for people in need to meet their criteria, don't they? But sending the builders round to plague you is fiendish ;O). Hate premium numbers with all that rigmarole. It just adds expense to insult. Sympathies. Just do one bit at a time, then have a cup of tea or whatever helps (not wine!!). Could you take the whole thing to the library or somewhere else builder-free? A friend's?

  • Hi Humphrey, I know they try and make the whole process as daunting as possible so a lot of people won't apply. It is particularly stressful if you are genuinely seriously I'll. I had an indefinite reward last time, but I think I'll probably have to go through this many times again. There's no way I could fund all the things I need for multiple health problems without this help.

    I think tomorrow may be the last day after 16 months of building work, that's on and off. But these few days and tomorrow have driven me crazy! Just a bit more from the electrician (who's hot!) And then my partner can do the rest. No kitchen is hard though. I am sick of microwave meals :-( Xxx

  • Oh the joy of endless forms...and of course the endless wait post-posting (Nice phrase!) I applied PIPAssessors rom what I hear,my GP has been giving her opinions to the DWP/PIP assessors. I've no idea how long the process takes,but I'm really hoping that the powers-that-be will sanction some financial help. We live well over a mile from the nearest shops,and it's all uphill coming back .If we hadn't got a car,the buses run once an hour and charge over a pound. Local shops are also very limited in the range carried so all my exotic cooking (?) would be out of the window.All the best with your application - I'll post a question long people have had to wait.

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