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Got my test results, don't think I will get trial of T4

TSH2.85 mU/l0.4-4 mU/l

FT4 12 pmol/l10-25 pmol/l

My T4 have dropped again from 14 it was 5 weeks ago, TSH still remains around 3. But this is it for now, I do not think I will be getting the trial of levo even though my T4 dropped again. I guess between these weeks, my TSH reacted to mild increase of Ft4 and dropped and then Ft4 dropped too?

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😓 thats frustrating sorry to hear this! But it's not for sure until your follow up visit right? Maybe there's still a chance


I hope dropping Ft4 proves the point as I said to my GP that I can feel it's dropping from last time as I noticed the increase from 10 to 14. I felt slightly better. Will see. This is boring :(

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With such a low FT4 I should think that your FT3 will be also. So, and I am not medically qualified, you should be given levothyroxine due to clinical symptoms and low FT4.

I do wish they'd go back to treating patients with clinical symptoms instead of a dot on a piece of paper. The doctor wont pay attention to the following but you can widen your knowledge (not that you want to do that). Some members 'go it alone' due to their symptoms.


My ft3 has been all over the place so it was ignored for now. And I have understood in early hypo ft3 will be normal down to rapid conversion which is compensatory effect.

I told my GP I know my ft4 has dropped as I am so sleepy. At least this proves it, will see what she has to say about that.


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