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Finally getting a scan

I had an endo appointment earlier today... To discuss my symptoms. I explained all my different symptoms. (Wrote it down because usually I forget because there are so many). I informed the consultant about my symptoms worsening after consuming certain foods. He even asked what these where. I told him I feel certain I have endocrine problems/issues of some description, despite my blood tests coming back normal.Anyway I'm not sure if he was convinced or not but he told me he was going to request for a scan to look at my thyroid. (He said it looks at how it functions?!?!? Or something along those lines). He explained it involves consuming something containing a small amount of iodine and then I have the scan at somepoint thereafter. He said it involves looking at my neck upwards, so I'm guessing they are going to look at my pituitary gland?!?!?. (Though I'm not certain).

I feel so happy and relieved that this is being investigated properly. If only all my hospital appointments would've been like this, it's nice to actually leave an appointment feeling as though something is being done about it. I didn't have the usual resistance I'm normally met with, I'm not convinced he thinks there is anything wrong but ultimately I got what I wanted without having to ask or push for it, so a bit of good news from my end 😊.

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The link below explains what a thyroid uptake scan is and how it works.

There is an image of a patient being scanned in the first link in this link

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brilliant, thank you so much 😊


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