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Finally getting somewhere!!!

OK, so for the past 5+ years I have been convinced I have an Under active thyroid, it runs in my family and I have pretty much every symptom, I have had so many blood tests over the years and I was always told it was normal. So I changed Doctor's, moved to another practice, and I now have a diagnosis.............all be it a confusing one for both myself and my appears I have an OVER active thyroid! I have a few symptoms that match but not many, I have had 2 blood tests to double check and it is still showing as over, he has put me on Propranolol as I do get a racing heart but I have had that since I was 18 so not sure it is connected. Any way i am being referred to see a specialist so hopefully i will get all the answers and help I need. The relief that something is finally happening and i will hopefully feel 34 rather then 94 and not be made to feel like a hypochondriac anymore is amazing! So I suppose the moral to the story is never give up pushing for answers, trust your instinct, you know your body better the any Doctor. I will update what happens.

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Did you get a copy or your results? Do you know what was tested? Doctors aren't always correct in their diagnosis of hyper, so it's really best to check.


No I've not seen him yet, he rang me yesterday, I'm seeing him Friday so will get a copy of both tests then.


Good. :)


Did you get a print-out of your results with the ranges? That would be helpful for members to comment on them.

Some people have lots of clinical symptoms but some doctors only go by the TSH alone.

Did you have the blood test at the very earliest possible, fasting (you can drink water).

I shall give you two lists of symptoms.

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Yes I fasted for both. I've not seen him yet, seeing him on Friday so will get copies of both tests then.

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If the only thing your doctor checked was your TSH then you could be told you are hyperthyroid while actually being hypothyroid. To find out for certain you really need to know :


Free T4

Free T3

And if you have thyroid problems - either hyper or hypo - then you may have very low nutrient levels. Optimal levels of nutrients help people to feel well and are essential for anyone with thyroid problems. So as well as the above tests you really need to get the following levels checked :


Vitamin B12


Vitamin D

And finally, if you have autoimmune thyroid problems then you really need to know your thyroid antibody levels :


Tg Ab

These two won't tell you everything you need to know if you have an over active thyroid but they are a start.

If you can afford to get tested privately, then you can get all of the above done with a finger prick test :

Blue Horizon :

Medichecks :

General info on testing :

If you register with Blue Horizon and Medichecks you will receive emails telling you about any special offers they have.


I'm not sure what was tested, He did mention T3 I think. I'm seeing him Friday so will get copies then. I've been treated for anemia and Vit D deficiency and they are now Ok, I take multi vitamins to keep them topped up as my Vit D does drop a bit but not as low as before. My symptoms did not improve when my levels returned to normal. I'm just pleased he is helping and referring me to see a specialist so I can get a proper diagnosis. My old GP just thought I wad a hypochondriac I'm sure of it.


Being treated for anaemia and vitamin D deficiency is good. But I'd be very surprised if your levels were optimal. Many doctors decide that someone is fine if their levels are within the reference range. For example, a common reference range used for ferritin (iron stores) is 13 - 150 ug/L. Doctors will often say that a level of 13 is fine, and so is a level of 85, and so is a level of 150. But the patient who is likely to feel best is the one with a level of 85 i.e. roughly mid-range.

If you find out your results for nutrients, including the reference ranges, then you could post them along with your thyroid results and ask for feedback.


utterly vital you always get the actual test results and figures and keep them in a file

most docs have zero clue as to what"normal "is


I would ask for test results going back a couple of years - you are legally entitled to them. I read often on this forum that people have made discoveries about their health they had not been told about - especially about low levels of Vitamins and Minerals.

I doubt a Multi-Vit will give you enough of most things. Hope all goes well with the Doc ...


I was going to ask him to look at my previous results from my old practice, will now ask for copies of them all :)


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