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Thyroid scan

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So I had my thyroid scan just before Christmas. They confirmed a nodule on the right wing of my thyroid. He said it looks benign and is consistent with hyperthyroidism. He recommends I get a full thyroid panel done to hopefullly get me on to medication. He said the nodule may get bigger but just something I need to keep an eye on and if symptoms worsen go to my GP. So does this likely mean I'm hyperthyroid? If anything I expected hypo. Radiographer said nodules usually indicate over production of the thyroid so likely hyperthyroid. I hope my GP agrees to a full thyroid panel.

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What symptoms to you have ?

I have quite a few noticeable symptoms lately. I have been feeling very anxious and nervous lately and this is not like me at all. I sweat a lot, even on my face! Restlessness, muscle weakness has been going on for a while. Irregular periods (gave birth 20 months ago), also I am quick to temper now which again is unusual. I have very fragile hair which I put down to giving birth but still 20 months on and my hair breaks constantly.

Hi Jessica

I would get full bloods done by your GP

Don’t let him just do TSH and T4. Request all

You can have nodules if you're hyper, or hypo or euthyroid even. In fact, most of the population have nodules even if they don't have a thyroid problem. I don't think looking at nodules is a reliable diagnostic tool. So, do get yourself tested. :)

I did have a basic thyroid test prior to my scan but they didn't perform a T3/antibody test or nutrient levels. This was a non fasting test and performed at 12.20pm. I had this done due to a noticeable swelling on my neck. GP said my results were within normal range so no further action required :(

Serum ferritin level 15 ug/L [11.0 - 307.0]

Serum free T4 level 11.1 pmol/L [8.0 - 16.0]

Serum TSH level 3.47 mU/L [0.38 - 5.33]

Your ferritin level is very, very low! That will be accounting for a lot of your symptoms, and your doctor should be investigating why it is so low!

Your TSH may be 'in-range' but it is the range that is wrong. You are hypo with a TSH of over 3. And your FT4 is too low. But, doctors don't actually know anything about any of these things. They are only trained to look at the ranges, and if your result is within the range, they thing you are 'fine'. They are very, very wrong.

So according to my results so far you would think I was hypothyroid? As for my Ferritin, the GP said no action was necessary and that I can start Iron if I want to. I was severely anaemic several years ago when I was tested after a random DVT.

I think your TSH is too high, but that doesn't automatically make you hypo. It would be better if you could get more comprehensive testing :




TPO antibodies

Tg antibodies

vit d

vit B12


Was this the first time you've had your TSH tested? You cannot go by just one test, you would need the confirmation of a second test about three months later. If your TSH is still over 3, with low FT4/3, then you are hypo. The problem is, that the NHS would not recognise you as hypo, because they like the TSH to go over 10 before they will diagnose.

First time since 2013 I have had my TSH tested. I had it tested after I miscarried then recently due to the swelling in my neck. So if my TSH does not show above 10 (unlikely) then will I ever get treatment?

Difficult to say. It depends so much on the individual doctors and their attitudes to thyroid. But, you TSH would at least have to be over-range. Perhaps if you had over-range TSH, under-range FT3 and high antibodies, you might find a doctor to diagnose you. But, you need to keep testing, and get all the right tests done. :)

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