Feeling rough increasing NDT

I can't seem to increase my WP Thyroid much. I started at quarter grain, then to 3/4, but at 1/2 I'm struggling with fatigue and some neck gland pains, lower mood, concentration worse (that's saying something!).

Should I back off again? I supplement a lot, including B complex. Might low B12, ferritin and folate be interfering here?

Many thanks.

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When did you start taking WP?

Sorry. Two weeks ago. Has helped up to a point but can't seem to raise it well.


You are going to fast. Stick with 1/2 grain for 2 weeks and then increase to 3/4 grain. After two weeks you can raise to 1 grain. You may be more comfortable when you are taking 3/4 grain if you split into 2 doses say 1/2 grain in the morning and 1/4 grain 8-12 hours later.

Low minerals and vitamins will make it harder to increase dose comfortably.

Sorry my heads a fog. I was ok at 1/4 grain, did halfway between 1/4 and a 1/2 for another week, now been on 1/2 for 2 days and feel beaten up.


People do sometimes feel a little worse when they start taking thyroid replacement. It usually gets better in 2-3 weeks.

I'm sorry your not feeling your optimum . Are you spitting your NDT ? Some split it 2/3 even 4 x/day .quarters you can split 2x/day .You might need a good pill cutter . Are your 4's optimal ? It's also possible that as you raise your NDT (T3) you are putting stress on your adrenals . By splitting your NDT dose several times a day can take some stress off the adrenals . If that doesn't help you might need to check your adrenal/cortisol levels . You might need to support a fatigued adrenals . Some of us do very well with more T4 and just a little bit of T3 to the mix .

Wishing you success .

Thanks for your message. No I'm not splitting the half grain but it sounds like a good idea. A recent saliva test showed low dhea. I have long term adrenal fatigue and have been supplementing ace for a few years now as well as gluten, dairy and sugar free.

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