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Increasing NDT insomnia returns


I am slowly increasing my NDT, self medicating, by 1/4 grain every 2 weeks and went to 2 grains on Sunday night. I'm definitely improving slowly compared to levo and almost levelling off. I take it at night and a huge plus has been the end of insomnia .... until now. I just wonder if others experience initial poor sleep on raising? I will stick with it and hope it settles but it is good to hear someone elses experience when you are on this journey . Thank you

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I don't sleep particularly well and tried taking my NDT at night as an alternative. Naturally NDT is highest in the early hours so I thought then may be the best time to raise it and I did start sleeping much better but it didn't fit in with my life style as often eat later in the day. I was already on a stable dose though so not really applicable to your actual question.

I experienced insomnia. So found that every 2 weeks was too fast for me. So I left it 3-4 weeks before raising. There is no rush. Take it slow

Skyebeardie in reply to Katka

I stayed in 1.75 for about 3 weeks and sleep settled nicely, I will give it one more night and drop back again if I have another night like the last few! Thanks for responding.

Katka in reply to Skyebeardie

Yes. Just increase slowly and cut back if needed. :-)

Hi, can you PM me as to which brand of ndt you're taking. I want to start self medicating but am a bit nervous about it. Sorry I'm new to this so can't help with the insomnia although magnesium helps me....sometimes.

Heloise in reply to mb008

Hi mb, don't be nervous as long as you are certain you are hypo. Well, I've just skimmed your history and you have been on Levo for four years? Have you been able to keep cofactors like ferritin, B12, etc. optimal? Seeing your test results would help. Do you seem to be converting well. I always prefer NDT over synthetic T4 and don't see any good reason not to try it if you wish. You can always go back. You can look at STTM and see the differences in NDT's. I think many people are happy with Naturethroid and they haven't increased their prices like Armour has.

Hi I started NDT 10 months ago and I am settled on 2 grains per day. I have no thyroid. I take 1 at 6.45 am and the other at about 3 pm in the afternoon. I sleep extremely well. I am 5ft 8" and weigh 131 lbs.

I find that I am more tired than I used to be before any meds i.e. 2 years ago.

I take both grains well away from any other food or drink.

Skyebeardie, I'm also in the process of increasing my NDT. I find that I often get insomnia or other sleep changes when I raise my dose. I mentioned this to a friend who is on T4 + T3 and she told me she *always* gets insomnia when having a dose increase.

I only raise every 6 weeks, as I'm being extremely cautious, so things definitely settle down over that time. I'm now in about week 5 of a new dose and have been consistently getting up an hour or so earlier than I was before.

Thanks SilverAvocado, I am so grateful for this forum and you lovely folk who respond. Now I know it's not just me I can manage my worries! I increased quite fast to start as I was so under medicated until I got to 1.5 grains. I've slowed and dropped back a few times as I begin to feel better. Not great but definitely on the right path.

My sleep improved as I increased my dose, but not when taken in the evening.

I realize that a lot of night time takers will not agree with this but...

When you first take NDT your T3 is sky high for the first three hours, then it drops off. T3 is the hormone that keeps you lively and energetic so why would you expect to fall asleep after you have just taken this med.

I take NDT (in the morning) and I am super energetic until about 3:00pm, then I calm down and fall completely asleep at 9:00pm and stay asleep for 8 hours. It seems like common sense to me.

Yes!!! It comes in fits & starts.

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