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Increasing NDT - how much?

Recently i got the diagnose "Hypothyroidism".

Tomorrow it will be 3 weeks since I started to medicate.

I am on Natural Thyroid (Erfa). I started with 30 mcgr. and that is where I have been since then.

Tomorrow I want to increase the medication. But how much do you recommend me?

Would another 30 mcgr be proper..? And when at the the should I take this second pill during the day?

How many hours should pass between those two pills...?

Thanks in advance!


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Hi McNels, it is hard to answer since there are so many individual variables. Some people find their optimal dose at one grain which is what you would be taking tomorrow but some end up with two, three or more grains eventually.

You NDT contains 9 mcgs of T3. Do you feel a little surge a few hours after taking your dose in the morning? If you do, perhaps taking separate doses per day might be good for you.

After these three weeks you have probably brought your blood levels up to the full dose you are taking so now would be the time to see what another increase would do for you. Personally I would try the 15 mcg. first but it may be fine for you to take 30 if you wish. There is always a bit of trial and error but listening to your body will give you answers.


Hi Heloise!

Thank you for your responding!!

To be honest, I feel not very much changed after these 3 weeks..

I was EXTREMELY TIRED when I started. And sadly their has not been any differense to talk about.. yet. Maybe I have felt a progress in some other ways.. the sore throat, froziness..

but those steps forward are very small.. :(

My mother, whom also suffers from hypothyroidism, told me that her doctor raised her from 30 mcgr up to 60... in one step - and it turned out well to her.

Maybe I shall try.

If it doesn't turn out well, I guess it's only to take a step backward. To 45.. with an increase of 15 instead..

Does it sound sensible? :-)



Yes, sounds sensible, lol, listen to mother. Getting your blood levels up is only the first step. Remember the hormone has to enter receptors (T3) to begin making real change. If you have the will to read, I keep these articles for reference and you can learn all sorts of things about how it works and another one easier to understand. Keep learning.

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Thanks a lot!!


McNels, a lot of sites recommend increasing by 30mcg every two/three weeks until symptoms improve but you should slow down when you get to 120mcg and hold on for 4/6 weeks before increasing further. This link has good information about increasing


Thank you, Clutter!!


I will, with interest, read what both of you, Heloise & Clutter, referred to!

i appreciate those referrences!

I havn't done that yet, so maybe the answer to this question will be there..

..anyway: would it be best to add the new pill (of 30 mcgr) to the other (taking 60 mcgr at a time)

or is it better to take one of them early in the day and the other one later on...?

Seems logical to take them seperately - to split them.. one in the morning, one in the afternoon..

but I don't know..


I would take them together unless you have some sort of reaction. I have not seen any advantage to splitting the doses unless you personally have an issue with your effects from it.


Thank you, Heloise!


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