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Addisons anyone know anything about it?

I've posted before with my whole host of symptoms finally saw an endocrinologist who asked me why I was there? Dr wasn't helpful referring me taken 4 years nearly - I explained my lengthy symptoms (see post history) she tested loads I called today to see what's back and seceratary who can't give me results looked on System for me and took a sharp intake of breath followed by asking me my mob number and saying she was emailing cons who would call me - this was 4 hours ago - I rang a dif sec who reluctantly had a look then immediately told me they'd ask the dr if I could have the result I asked if was ok she said she hadn't looked I said are you allowed to tell me my cortisol she said no - she asked if I had received a letter yet I said no she said was it the synacthen test u wanted result for? Have u been to ambulatory care yet? Lol - I have every symptom of addisons ((have discovered this over the last week after googling why is dr asking about my tan and hands)) I had a 24hr urine and 9am cortisol obviously the synacthen test is now my next move so I'm waiting for cons to tell me this and wondering if anyone knows much about it? Thanks x

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I'm sorry you've had no replies and I hope you've heard from the consultant by now.

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