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NHS T3 - Tatty PIL & Pharmacist With Large Supply!

Picked up my first NHS T3 tablets this week, given in a brown bottle and the PIL was in the bag, clearly it had been destined for someone else cause there was a pharmacy label stuck over the front, which they had tried to scrape off, it looked very scruffy. There was no batch number or expiry date, rang and got this info, batch 84086, expiry 10/8/2017.

I asked the chemist if they needed notice for the next prescription ( assuming there will be one) his reply was , "oh no we always have plenty of these in stock!"

Is this normal precedure, the Greek T3 comes in clean/tidy boxes/blister packs with a much longer expiry date?

Large supply, why would that be? There are very few people prescribed in this area according to Open Prescribe.

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Apart from a hospital pharmacy, I've only ever had one occasion where they've been in stock. They're almost always a special order.

About the bottles and label, yes that's about right. The pharmaceutical guidelines are that anything in non-childproof bottles (like the ones T3 comes in) should be transferred to childproof ones. This seems to be at the discretion of the pharmacist. I've argued that T4 (and many other medication) comes in blister packs which can also be accessed by children and they're not transferred, and that the quality of the medication is questionable (I had a contaminated batch) so it's important that it comes in the original bottles with the PIL attached. I specifically ask for it in original bottles but the dispenser of my last prescription didn't get the message / is thick / doesn't deviate from guidelines (most likely the last two). The pharmacist has added a note to my records and I'll be stapling an instruction to the prescription and photographing it as I hand it over in future.

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Oh ... and the expiry date is about right.

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Not impressed, mine certainly wasnt in original bottle and the label was just taken off another prescription, with their instructions typed on it but mainly rubbed off to try & hide it!


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