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Getting desperate now

I'm going to apologise in advance for this post but need to get things off my chest.

I've written to my GP about recent medichecks results and tried to get an appointment, managed to get a telephone appointment for Friday with a doctor I've never met but once she read the letter she decided I need to speak to someone else. The appointment I have now is for a telephone consultation in 3 weeks time! And to add insult to injury I can only have this at a time when I'm at work.

I'm also waiting for a prescription for zinc citrate, the prescription has been at the chemist for 2 weeks now, I purposely left it a week as I have had trouble getting this before. Went to collect 2 days ago and was told it should hopefully be in the delivery that afternoon and they'd ring to let me know either way. No phone call, surprise surprise so went in again today, different pharmacist, apparently no wholesalers have it in stock and why was it not for zinc sulphate instead of citrate and why I was asking for it anyway. Suggested I ask for sulphate.

Went back to GP reception and asked politely if I could request this and why, got told by a very smug receptionist that they had a pharmacist working there now so she would have to ring me about it. Only works mornings so that will tomorrow and while I'm at work.

I'm so uncomfortable with all of this and don't think it's appropriate to talk about it at work.

All this on top of diabetic retinopathy screening on Monday and a bad reaction to the dilating drops that had me at the nearest eye hospital all day yesterday. This week needs to end as soon as possible as I'm feeling so hopeless right now.

Sorry for the rant everyone but I think I feel a little bit calmer now....

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If there is no way you can take a telephone call somewhere in private at work and you are uncomfortable about being overheard by your colleagues tell the practice you are unable to take telephone calls at work and request a face to face doctors appointment.

Have you asked around at other pharmacies to see whether they can source zinc citrate? 30mg - 100mg zinc citrate looks to be available without prescription.

I hope your week gets better :)


I've tried one other for a previous prescription, took 2 weeks to get, and a stroppy pharmacist

Thank you for your reply Clutter


Is there any way you can change to a different practice? The one you are with sounds dreadful! You can quite truthfully say it's because you cannot take phone call consultations at work!


Thank you ljk1, I had a chat with my lovely daughter about it all last night,she told me to change the GP too. I'm thinking about going to the only other one in walking distance after work on Monday to see if they're taking new patients.

On a happier note I finally got a call today to say the zinc citrate had been received at the chemist so I can at least start taking it again and hopefully stop my copper level getting too high again...

I don't think I can wait until 30th May to speak to someone about how I'm feeling so hopefully I'll get somewhere speaking to the possible new practice on Monday.

Will have to sign off now as my eyes are still struggling to cope with the screen despite the new drops to relieve the symptoms from the other drops after the ones they used for the screening, not sure that made any sense at all...

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I understood it lol! Good luck and hope you feel better!

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