So Near But So Far, prescription for T3 given on Thursday, taken off me on Friday!

After a week of chacing around/being interrogated as to why I went to a consultant out of county ( the gr practice arranged it, quickest appointment!) trying to get the prescription that my consultant had recommended of T3 10mcg twice a day alongside Levo, I finally picked up the prescription this morning. To chemist next door, had to order as GP had put capsules ( cost around £2000) and would take 7 days. I expressed concern, the assistant said we do have in stock 20mcg with an indent you could break in half and cheaper. Perfect, I'll have those. She said she had to pop to surgery to get change from capsules to 20 mcg tablets signed. No dr available will go back later. Returned to Senior dr, he was asking why capsules prescribed, big enquiry, no prescription. She was told to go back after lunch, finally she was just told to tell me, Glos HA do not prescribe T3 and that I should go back to my consultant. I have done this, he suggested refer to GP as he doesnt prescribe, ask her why & what alternative is she going to offer. Next available telephone appointment with her 23 January!!! Feeling very angry at how this has been dealt with, complaint going in at the manner of the senior GP.

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  • Oh dear. They get so uptight when required to prescribe and dispense essential medication for the thyroid. They have no such qualms when offering antidepressants to ill not depressed people. I would follow this up as I am a blooody minded soul who feels that this much aggro should be followed up with a written complaint. I feel your frustration.

  • Shelley1954,

    Patients in England are able to choose to consult specialists outside of their own health authority but it does cause problems when the consultant and GP CCG have different prescribing agreements. I would check with your local CCG whether Glos HA does prescribe T3 when recommended by a NHS endo. It seems a bit odd that you were prescribed T3 capsules by another GP at the practice before the senior GP refused. The fact the pharmacy had T3 tablets in stock suggests to me that T3 is prescribed to someone in Glos HA.

  • Thanks will do. The way it's been dealt with is awful, throughout the whole week not one GP has spoken to me, it's all been via clerical staff or shop assistants. I haven't done with them yet. I fought the NHS for 6 years, on my own to get nursing home funding for my mother with Alzheimer's and won, got all her fees refunded + interest. It wasn't about the money but the principal, I have since helped others do the same. I'm a fighter 😱

  • Go for it! I'll keep my all my limbs crossed you will get it ;)

  • Thats rubbish, I'm in Glos and I'm on T3.....

  • I know of a few people who are, just another lie, to add to my complaint!

  • It all comes down to money dos'nt it? Each practice has there budget and as it was the senior partner who said no I reacon that other GP will be reprimanded for prescribing it 😤 wish I could afford Bupa etc , I know money is tight but it's only going to get worse . Good luck

  • Stemar, Bupa doesn't pay for medication, so even if you could afford private healthcare, they would not pay for any medication. Clemmie

  • Sadly the language of complaints is often the only language they understand...

  • They have wasted the time if the consultant and clearly have no regard for him and his opinion. Too up themselves in my opinion and will be told so, in the nicest possible way of course. I'm fuming & it won't go until I deal with it.


    This may be useful....

  • You could raise the issue with your MP or M of H. Dreadful to see this perverse doctorrring.

  • We cannot complain here, we have "to raise a concern". Now that really made me cross, if I want to complain, I will complain! I have a complaint, oh, hang on, a concern, going through with the local hospital. They are getting back to me "within 6 months"...

    The more we raise the issue and fight back, the more likely we are that others will not have such a fight. Best wishes.

  • And yet they are happy to prescribe any number of meds to treat the symptoms of poorly treated thyroid disease which in the long run must cost more. Plus the many GP appointments that well people (ie optimally treated) people do not need, not to mention the readily dispensed antidepressants. I find the whole thing quite shocking.

  • Thanks for all the help & support, have written a detailed complaint to the gp which will be delivered by hand in the morning. I have also ordered some online, got to give it a go!

  • Shelley

    Same happened to me .. shocking. I'm buying my own now . Xx

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