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Erfa thyroid without prescription?

At present I am fortunate to get my Erfa Thyroid via the endocrinology dept. at my local hospital on NHS prescription. However, I am probably going to be discharged soon from the clinic and am concerned about future supplies. I know some GP practices will give a prescription on 'named patient' basis but mine refuses. I have investigated online sites but they too seem to require a prescription - I wonder how others manage this issue...? Thanks.

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Has your endocrinologist recommended your GP prescribes Erfa? If your GP refuses perhaps you could ask the endocrinologist not to discharge you from the clinic so you can continue to have Erfa prescriptions.

Erfa can be sourced without prescription but it will be expensive and there recently there has been a shortage of Erfa just to make life more difficult.

If your endo won't continue prescribing Erfa and your GP continues to refuse write a new post asking members to send you a private message where you can obtain Erfa without prescription.


Thanks for your helpful reply. No, the consultant hasn't made any comments about future supplies, just that he thinks I am ready to be discharged, I was just trying to stay ahead of the game by having an option in mind. I seem to have to jump over so many hurdles to get what I need and I have a dread of finding my supply cut off when I know my GP refused originally to consider prescribing it. That's a good tip to ask not to be discharged and would seem reasonable in the circumstances. If the worst does happen, at least I know now that it is possible to source it without prescription and will investigate via members as you suggest. Thanks again.

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Some endos have agreed to continue writing prescriptions when GPs have refused.


Thanks, Clutter, that is good to hear. Hopefully it won't be a big issue but I have learnt from past experience that it is good to have at least an outline plan B in place just in case! I will relax now and trust in a good outcome! Thanks.


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