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Getting Erfa thyroid


When I was living in France the ruling came in about not being able to get Erfa thyroid without prescription (from Erfa, Canada). So that I wouldn't be left high and dry I ordered 1000 tabs but I am now getting to the point where I can see the bottom of the tub! I am worried as a) my GP back here in England has said he can't prescribe NDT and b) when I looked on the Erfa Canada website there didn't seem to be anything suggesting sending stuff outside of Canada now.

I would be so grateful to hear how others are managing and if indeed it is still possible to get Erfa from abroad - I might just be able to get my GP to sign something to say I can buy them, I don't know. ALSO, does anyone know the shelf life of Erfa as I am not feeling so good again - I wondered if they have lost some of their efficacy - I have had them about 2 years although always kept in fridge! Thanks all.

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I would expect the container to have an expiry date on it somewhere (maybe the bottom?). Could be embossed only (i.e. no ink) so not obvious.

The problem with the fridge is that every time you open it, relatively moist air from the environment will tend to condense on the tablets. Eventually that will take its toll on potency.




You might want to check here.

Failing success with this information you could always go to Belgium where doctors do prescribe Erfa. That's what we had to do.

Jane x x

Hi, I have about 30 tablets left in my bottle of ERFA and was wondering the same about whether they get weaker or whether opening the bottle every day allows the air to alter them somehow.

I have sent you a PM about getting ERFA :) :) :)

Your GP can prescribe Erfa but it will be a private prescription. You can then send this to any of the pharmacies dispensing it.

I am sitting here today awaiting my latest batch to be delivered by special delivery!

JJ43 in reply to sandi

How much is the cost of a provate prescription? I dont think I've ever had one only NHS

sandi in reply to JJ43

It will vary from surgery to surgery I suspect. At the moment I am lucky in that my GP just writes out the letter while I'm there so it doesn't go through any 'system' - my biggest fear is her leaving/going on maternity leave etc etc!

I do, of course, have to then pay for the meds and their delivery cost and I've learnt to pay the extra to send the prescription off by recorded delivery as if one gets lost it's a big hassle.

Thanks sandi

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