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Need to buy Nature Thyroid without a prescription

I've been taking thyroid for 25 years and my prescription has never changed. My health is excellent. My dr insists on putting me thru a litany of expensive tests every year in order to renew my prescription.

How have others handled this situation? My insurance does not pay for any of these tests.

I can understand requiring a thyroid test, but not everything else, given my excellent health.


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Hello Lavender,

Welcome to our forum and pleased to hear you are feeling so well on Nature Thyroid.

Here in the UK we love tests but most have a constant battle with the national health service to perform them freely.

Members often resort to paying for their own testing through private labs.

Thyroid hormone function tests are vital after any med dose change or increase and at least yearly when optimised. Unfortunately many are only tested for TSH levels only.

People with thyroid problems often have gut issues caused by other conditions such as PA or low stomach acid, leading to malabsorption. Nutrient deficiencies will interfere with the synthesis of thyroid hormone. It is wise to get Vit B12, Vit D, ferritin & folate tested and address any levels that aren't optimal.

Many like to get cortisol tested as low thyroid puts enormous strain on adrenal glands as they struggle to cope with compromised low hormones. This can be done through blood testing at doctors or private saliva tests.

Those who are kept on incorrect med doses dictated by an " in range" TSH may end up with raised creatinine or liver enzymes, etc, etc, so we usually end up getting tested for all those as well..! ! !



This is a link which may be helpful. Before the blood tests and levothyroxine were introduced patients were diagnosed by clinical symptoms alone and given NDT. This doctor and many others still follow the procedure. To read the whole answer it is the first on the page:

Our treatment team uses the TSH level only initially to help clarify a patient’s thyroid status. But during treatment, we completely ignore the level. The reason is that the TSH level is totally irrelevant to normalizing the patient’s whole body metabolism and relieving his or her suffering. The only clinical value of the TSH level is to see the effect of a particular dose of thyroid hormone on the pituitary gland’s "thyrotroph" (TSH-secreting) cells.

The thyrotroph cells are vastly more sensitive to thyroid hormone than are other body cells. Some endocrinologists argue that we know the ratio of two sensitivities: that is, the ratio of the sensitivity of the pituitary to a dose of thyroid hormone to the sensitivity of other tissues to that dose. From knowledge of that ratio, they argue, we can use the TSH to gauge the thyroid hormone dose that properly regulates the metabolism of all body cells.

The problem is that for individual patients, we don’t know that ratio. These endocrinologists fail to realize that statistical inferences from large groups of patients do not tell us specifically enough what we need to know clinically about individual patients.


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Athens, Texas

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healthunlocked.com/thyroidu... ]


Like many Mexican sites, this site has no Cynomel for sale, the Cynomel BUY box says it is "out of stock".


I'm do sorry to hear that. If I come up with anything else, I will certainly let you know.


Have you considered asking him how much stock in medical lab companies he owns? :)

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