Post op

Post op

Hi all . I have my hemithyroidectomy 29 April . Few post op issue with blood pressure staying low as well as pulse . Calcium low but came up after drinking milk . Kept in an extra night . I am very impressed with neatness considering only 7 days post op . I have my results of the lump on 16 May .Anyway question regarding pain . Not in a lot of pain but find yawning hurts and my neck feels a little stiff and where I think my Adam's apple is tender . . Nothing unexpected just wondering how long this will last and if the loss of feeling in a small section above the scar is ok . Thanks


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  • My scar is 40+ years old and I still have no feeling around it.

  • Thank you

  • Hi! See my posts on my profile. I wrote my experience down. Good luck!

  • Thanks

  • My scar is 18 months old and looks and feels normal. Good luck with your progress.

  • Thank you

  • I had mine done twice in 2013. Was in a bit of pain with both of them. But it calmed down. And don't have a problem with it now. Unless when I have a cough or under the weather.xx

  • Thank you . It's been better today just a pinprick pain when I yawn

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