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Trying t3 for the first time

I've been diagnosed with hypothyroidism for 12 years now and my sister and mother also had this. Now taking 125mcg of T4 and been wanting to try T3 as has been reading lots of blogs about how other people feel much better on this as I don't feel that T4 alone is working for me

I constantly feel tired with muscle aches on T4 also my cholesterol is at 7 at the moment

I recently purchased some T3 as my GP was unwilling to prescribe this and this arrive being 50 micrograms and I have been cutting these into quarters but these are still too strong experiencing headaches raise blood pressure and palpitations

I was really hoping that I would feel a lot better on T3 having read lots of people's comments however I now feel a bit nervous about continuing to take this has anyone else experienced the symptoms and I'm wondering what the answer is as it seems to me that this disease is very tricky to manage

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Yes this can be caused by many things. Could be you are over-medicating yourself. It could also be that your are a little sensitive to T3. Do you have recent blood tests (before starting T3?) it might help figure it out.

Likely you are starting with too much it's advisable to start with around 5mcg and work up slowly. You'd have to cut your pill in tenths for that 😓.

Some people are sensitive and do better on a Slow Release T3 to avoid the "bump" that comes 2-3 hours after taking the pill.

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Thanks that's helpful. My GP suggested having tests after trying it for six weeks but think I'm going to stop and get test now. I need to get t3 in smaller dose but you are at the behest of private companies as UK GPS won't prescribe as the cost had recently gone up hugely.


You might want to discuss available sizes/dosages of T3 with Clutter


Yes it's truly a pain what's happening with T3 in the UK, in a perfect world knowledgeable GPs or Endos would be helping you properly dose T3 given to you on prescription.

Either way yes you should be starting at a lower dose, normally around 5mcg and working up every few weeks as it takes 2 weeks to feel the effects of T3. But this is so dependant on your test results and so many other things, I can't really advise you on dosage. I'm just hoping to give you some background information.


Thank you

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Can you post your recent thyroid results and ranges?

Unless you can cut the 50mcg T3 into eight x 6.25mcg doses it might be better to buy some 25mcg tablets which can be quartered. I usually advise people to start with 6.25mcg until they know how well they tolerate T3.


Yes I've just booked a blood test think I'll stop T3 till I post these thanks for your help I need to find T3 at a lower dose as do t think it's feasible of AC urate to cut into ten miniscule pieces


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