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Burning and tingling sensation in my arm, leg, feet and sometimes​ at the back of my lower head

I noticed​ the sensation does not come on ly come after eating but other times and almost constant on some days including gastro/digestive probs some times. I had this tingly and burning problem some time ago and got​ rid of it or so I thought. I had gone for series of tests and examinations including an MRI but no explanation from the doctors. My body is not happy and don't know what else to do.

What could this be and has anyone treated these symptoms successfully? What kind of treatment. Any and all information is appreciated.

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Have you had your B12 levels tested recently?

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No, i have not


Then, you should. :)

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The first time i had it, i was given B12 supplements/multivitamins which didn't seem to make a difference


Are you still taking the supplements?

Check what blood tests you've had done and get copies of results with ranges in brackets.

If you haven't had Vitamin D tested ask for it to be done and repeat B12.


Did gp not test before getting you to supplement?? If you did have a test at that time do you have the results? If you are in the UK you are entitled to print outs of all your blood tests.

What supplement were you given? If it wasn't sublingual you may have absorption problems, and you wouldn't have seen any difference.


I would go back to doctors and keep going back till I found out what was wrong.

Have you asked for a referal to a Neurologist?

Was the MRI scan of your neck? Is there any disc degeneration in neck joints. I have very severe problem in this area.

You could ask for referal to Gastroenterology with your gastro/digestive problems.

Have you had any blood tests or any other investigations?

Have you had any falls or whiplash injury?

Not really enough info given.

You could ask for a copy of your hospital records and MRI scan report.

You can also ask for copies of your blood tests from GP practice.

But you have not been told what is causing these symptoms yet SO you need to go back to doctor and ask for diagnosis. Sometimes Consultants write to GPs and failed to tell us because info wasn't on file when they last saw us.

My advice - see GP asap, take with you a list of your symptoms as you have given here and ask for diagnosis.



You may have low stomac acid which is quite common in hypothyroidism. Many of us supplement with an acid due to the fact that doctors believe we have 'high' acid as symptoms are similar to low but due to hypo we are more likely to have low acid which is required to dissolve food in our stomach particularly protein.


Many thanks all for your feedback and support. Reports from my MRI and tests were good and released to me, that's from the second hospital but diagnosis from 1st hospital were not released. I am no longer on the supplement. A deficiency​ test was not among. No clear cause of symptoms but speculations hence an MRI and all

I am determined to take charge of my health for improvements​. I will do as you all have suggested- B12 level, vitamin Deficiency, blood PH level tests.

@Shaw, the 3rd common sign of low stomach​ acid levels resides with me. I will further research on how to treat it naturally cause i have done a few antacids which stopped working and i got tired. I am wondering if this cld be connected or can bring about the burning and tingling sensation?. The link ...tests for low stomach antacid is not working.

Thanks guys, i will appreciate continued feedback or info.


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