Burning sensation in my heels and also the palms of my hands


I've been taking thyroxine for the past ten years but New and more painful ailments just keep cropping up! Are they related to my thyroid problems? 

For the last few months I have had a burning sensation in my heels and also the palms of my hands anyone any ideas?  it's making me even more tired than usual as I'm awake most nights 

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  • Hi Gully -have you had your B12 levels checked? Burning sensations & fatigue are indicators of B12 deficiency. Your GP can do a blood test to check. Checking your iron and folate levels would also be a good idea. 

    When you get your results post back in here with the reference levels. 

  • Seconded. Burning on the bottoms of my feet was an early sign of low b12 for me. It is a particular feeling.

  • Thanks

    Yes I can't evenhold a cup first thing in mornings and have stabbing pain in my feet I Will definitely give it a go! 

  • Be aware that, if you supplement, it will skew tests and make it harder to get treatment with injections.

    This is a helpful site and it is a good idea to tick off any other symptoms you may have and show GP:


  • Thanks just had bloods checked but I don't get any details, just told they are ok! 

    Will have to go back and insist on more info


  • Ask for a print-out - with ranges - it is your legal right to have one, they cannot refuse or they will be breaking the law. :)

  • Gully have a look at the website called B12 Defiency. They have a sheet of symptoms and signs to look for that you might find really useful. Also the B12 blood test range is very wide -the bottom end goes down to something like 180. The Pernicious Anemia Society recommend that B12 levels should not go below 500 - so that gives you an idea of the difference. Your GP will say it's all fine even if your B12 is way down in the low 200's..... 

  • Haha just seen Polaris has already given you a link to the site I was thinking off... 😊😊 

  • Hi gully, after ten years you may have to redo your treatment and requirements.  Many people are finding that thyroxine (T4) doesn't meet their needs because your body needs to convert it to a usable FT3.  Your body needs excellent values of ferritin and cortisol to do that.  On top of that if you haven't had optimal levels of thyroid you probably have nutritional deficiencies.  Can you see there is a downward spiral?  I know most GPs do not take enough interest in hypothyroid patients assuming that a single pill is all you need.  I think the advice for B12 is good and you may also consider adding T3 to you regimen.

  • Thanks went to my GP and he didn't even mention it could be thyroid related! .Will give it a try

  • gully, 

    Welcome to our forum and sorry to hear you are not feeling well.

    Long term low thyroid hormone can have far reaching effects leading to deficiencies and many weird symptoms. Vit B12 is important in the formation of red blood cells and  health & functioning of nerve tissue.

    Ask your GP to test thyroid function and Vit B12, Vit D, folate & ferritin as deficiencies are commonly seen in mismanaged hypothyroidism. Post results complete with ranges ( numbers in brackets) for members to comment.

    I have never (knowingly) suffered low Vit B12 but at my worst (last year) I suffered peripheral neuropathy (numbness in hands & feet) which has now thankfully cleared as all other deficiencies & insufficient thyroid hormones have been addressed.

  • Thanks for your help you are right my GP hasn't a clue only have my bloods done when I insist will try your suggestions


  • Hello Gully,

    I would suggest that you consider an active B12 test from St Thomas's hospital London you'll get the details on the ThyroidUK website discount for members.  Then you'll find out what's going on inside the cells instead of the blood serum.

    Best Wishes


  • The active (holotranscobalamin) B12 test (HoloTC)  is available on the National Health at St Thomas’ Hospital with a referral from your GP. 

    If this is found to be low then Intrinsic Factor and Parietal Cell Antibodies, MMA and Homocysteine can all be tested on the National Health and will highlight an inability to absorb B12 via the gut and also give Folate status.

    Otherwise the best way to measure folate is a blood Red Cell Folate test also available on the National Health but not known about at my GP's surgery so my endo organised it through hospital.


  • Hi Gully,

    I have had paresthesis for about 8 years.

    It's reduced considerbly, since I upped my vitamins B12 & D3 to above "normal" blood test levels, & started taking NDT & magnesium.


  • If you go down st Thomas route, have the MMA and homocysteine done too as better indicators of B12 at cellular level - or get done anywhere - doubt you will persuade dr for them. 

  • Sounds like B12 deficiency. I'd call your GP and ask for your B12 result if it's been tested. Also ask for Mean Cell Volume result. Sometimes (but not always) this is elevated in B12 deficiency. Insist on  getting your results - if not tested ask for a blood B12 test. 

  • Change to NDT and get on with life

  • I can assure you that using desiccated thyroid does not guarantee no burning sensations. Nor T3. Nor combinations. They may be a combination that is better than anything else - until it isn't.

    [Not from my personal experience but from someone I know.]

  • What's NDT sorry if I sound a bit confused about all this obviously things have changed a lot in ten years* and not getting much info from my docs

  • NDT = natural desiccated thyroid

    Also known as desiccated thyroid and available in several brands such as Nature-Throid, Erfa, WP Thyroid, NP Acella, Thyroid S, and others.


  • Thanks x

  • I should have explained when I posted the abbreviation but, when you see it already used, it is very easy to let it pass.

  • I had burning heels. Also, I couldn't bend my ankles when I first got up in the morning. The two things seemed to be connected.  I needed T3 and high-dose vitamin B12  to get rid of both problems.

  • Marz  posted a link to an article on thiamine (vitamin B1) deficiency today.


    The article mentions burning hands and feet. It would be worth your while to read it - it might help. :)

  • Thanks everyone for your help with just to let you know I have felt a lot better since increasing my D3 and B12 intake😄within two weeks the burning has all but disappeared!! 

    Where can I buy NDT ?

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