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Tickling and tingling sensation on the upper part of my elbow. *please help*

Hi guys i sometimes witness a tickling sensation in my skin on the opposite side of my upper elbow ( bicep). You know im one of those guys who start thinking about the worst as soon as something kike this pops up. Its been over a year now with the sensation affecting me and the weird thing is that it happens when i think of something exciting or when i start reading. Anxiety might it be? I don't know, but what i know is i want ur help please. Any advice would help.

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Is it itchy? I have a similar problem and have found out quite recently that it is caused by a problem with my neck(spine) sending odd messages to my arms causing them to itch!!


Really? No its not itchy. Its just a strange sensation and everytime it hits me i start thinking of the worst. Maybe cancer 😧


Are you getting your vitamins? Deficiency in e g b12 can cause that. I have a very annoying itching in my foot (yes, IN my foot!) caused by a b12 deficiency long time ago. If you're not too late it can be cured. Talk to your doctor!

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If it's close to the bend of your elbow it could be an allergy. That area is a common one for skin irritation to show up. If it is more in the muscle area it could be a "pulled muscle" - when I damaged my bicep I had similar feelings for months even with ultrasound. Magnesium might help.


Don't worry. britannica.com/science/neur...

If you have a thyroid problem, until you compensate for low thyroid your nerves will be affected. That's why it is so important to optimize your treatment which we find is not usually the case if you are under the care of NHS. Can you find your latest blood tests if you have had any?


I think that the sensation I have around the same area is similar to yours. At the beginning, I thought that an insect was crawling on my skin but then noticed that it wasn't external. I haven't had this sensation more recently, so I stop thinking about it. I wouldn't worry that it's cancer. Where would you have it? Maybe it's something to do with a nerve in the neck.


You didn't mention what you do for work or play, anything repetitive? As a telephone operator, many years ago, I damaged a small nerve in my elbow from repetitive movements in answering the telephone all day, 40 hours a week. The funny thing was, while the nerve damage was in the elbow the tingling sensation was felt in my little finger! (and it was constant) A trip to the Dr. confirmed that I needed to ease up and change the way I was answering the telephone.

Regardless of whether anything similar is true for you, a good chiropractor may have the answer / solution. Acupuncture may also be a source of relief. In any case, it is highly unlikely that it is anything deadly, or debilitating.

Another source of nerve damage is being reported in connection with things like the flu shot, and other vaccinations wherein weakened or killed viruses are injected to enhance immunity. If you have had any of those in the past few weeks or months, that could be the source. In this case too, the nerve damage is temporary, and will eventually pass.

No thoughts as to why it occurs when you are reading or when excited.


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