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Blood Test Results

Hi everyone, I had some blood tests done and the results are FT4 14.3/FT3 6.2 and TSH 0.04. I know the TSH is a little low and wants to be around 1. My bloods were taken about 5pm and I had my Armour (105mg) about 8am. Ideally, I should have had my bloods done first thing in the morning but I had been feeling pretty rubbish, phoned my endo, he suggested blood tests and I was able to get an appointment at the doctors that afternoon. I jumped at it because I hadn't been feeling great. Does anyone have anything to say about my bloods and or the amount of Armour. I just want to feel well, not tired and no brain fog :( Thank you in advance of any kind replies.

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Do you have the lab ref ranges for FT4 and FT3?


Hi, I don't have the printout yet, this was the figures I was given over the phone by the young receptionist. She said that the range for FT4 was 12-22 (so I am on the low side at 14.3), FT3 was 6.8 (and I was 6.2) and TSH was 0.27-4.2 (I was 0.04). Thank you Clutter very much.



That's fine, everything we need is there. FT4 is usually much lower on NDT than on Levothyroxine and as long as FT3 is good it doesn't matter. Your FT3 is very good, close to top of range. You appear to be optimally dosed on 105mg.

Symptoms can lag behind good biochemistry by several months but sometimes it can be low ferritin, vitamin D, B12 and folate which are causing symptoms similar to hypothyroidism so it may be worth asking your GP or endo to test.


Hello Clutter, thank you very much, I appreciate that. I wish I just felt better. I do feel tired, am clumsy and feel at times like the light is on but there is no-one at home. I make silly mistakes and don't seem to be able to take information in. I will see what my endo suggests and see if I can get the blood tests done which you have listed. Many thanks for your kind help. :)


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