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I'm outing myself as actually watching a bit of This Morning πŸ˜‚ No sorry that's not the point of this post.

They've just done a medical thingy and at the end announced they wanted people to email for the 'second opinion' feature to be done on Thursday.

"Do you have an ongoing medical condition that needs a second opinion ? " - Philip Schofield

It occurred to me that after receiving numerous emails about the t3 issue. Perhaps if they receive more on the same issue for this feature we may have more of a chance of getting it featured ?

Emails to -

To arrive no later than tomorrow at 6pm. So lots of time πŸ‘

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They had Dr Steele on today but its two other docs on the Thursday feature. I'll have a look at the website n check. I guess if you email you must be prepared too speak on the show. Oh just thought no, you can request to have your issue read out I think πŸ‘

Dr Steele is an Advisor to Thyroid UK ...

I believe so, but as a relative newbie I don't know much about his involvement to the charity and regarding campaigning on the t3 and testing issues ?

Nor do I - but he could be a contact ??

Thank you Marz!

Hypothyroidism treated with different medicine to thyroxine with Dr Chris Steele on This Morning:

That's Great Kitten1978 When was it aired ?

I think the link on youtube said "2011"....

Perhaps time to be re featured with the added element of the impending withdrawal of t3.

Although pardon my fedupness. Beginning to feel a bit What the hell are we going to do ! The more I read / hear the more I realise that this has not only been going on for such a long time. Especially re the testing. But everything that has been done and said in the past hasn't made a jot of difference.

I appreciate what you said earlier on my thread from yesterday and yes they are the problem as well as the fact that the current medical way of thinking is that t3 has no place. Just feeling a bit defeated at the minute 😞

Hi delicious21 I've just had a quick look and I'm pretty sure its ' Dr Ranj and Dr Zoe. But I can't find any further info on them, including their full names. I guess if someone did fancy speaking to them then they would be best armed with as much info as possible.

Re endo Yep sounds like a good idea to suggest that to them if we can get them to do a feature on it πŸ‘

Think that was Dr Rangan Chattergee - Doctor in the House programme .... He has a website 😊

Not sure. I would think perhaps the papers published by diogenes would be more appropriate - but hey that's just me :-)

You can go to About at top of the page CLICK - Find other members CLICK - type in their name CLICK - et voila - then they appear :-)

In the above link you can view all the posts by Diogenes - also his informative replies. Away from the Forum he is Dr John Midgeley and part of many of the research papers in the link I have given you ....

Dr Chattergee is an advocate of functional medicine, which is symptom led!

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