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Latest test results, advise please


Can anybody please advice me about dosing.

My latest results on 62.5 levo was:

Tsh 0.08 (0.35-5.5)

Ft4 12.9 (10-19.8)

On 75

Tsh was 0.05

Ft4 19.4

Same ref ranges.

On 62.5 I felt really ill felt better on 75 but had one evening of palpations even though my pulse was only 80bpm when I had the palpations. And when my tsh came back 0.05 and one doctor advised me to lower dose I got a bit scared to be honest.

I'm now considering upping to 75 again or alternating to a dose of 72 a day. What do you think?

When I'm having my next blood test in 8 weeks I will order a private ft3 test to have a clearer picture of what's going on.

Thanks in advance!

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Hi Lisan. Forgive me, but I can't comment on your post, except to say it is unlikely that anyone here would be able to give you a cast-iron answer without your Free T3 level and ranges. I'm no expert, but I would be inclined to get a private T3 test done asap, then we would all have the whole picture. As a matter of interest, have you had tests for the important co-factors?

Vit B12

Vit D



Your TSH is OK - but as it is quite low, I supose it's possible that you are over-medicated, but one would only know that by seeing what your T3 was doing. It could also be that your palpitations will subside when your bod gets used to the higher dose...

Best. Stevie.


lisan1 If you are going to get a private FT3 test, then I suggest you actually spend £10 more and get TSH, FT4 and FT3 all done together. That way you will see how well you are converting. Medichecks Thyroid Monitoring is £39 and FT3 alone is £29.

Don't forget all thyroid tests should be done early morning (before 9am), fast overnight (water allowed) and leave off Levo for 24 hours.

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Definitely get a FT3 test done, do it just before or after your NHS blood draw so you get a comparable result. I fought off a dose drop with an identical TSH and slightly over range FT4 because my FT3 was only mid range, my GP had the sense to accept the private results as the TSH and FT4 were comparable with the NSH results.

GPs are under the incorrect impression that low TSH puts you at risk of heart and and bone issues (which scares them silly and seems to short circuit their brains) it doesnt, it is being hyper that can do that and low TSH does not neccesarily mean hyper, it just means they should check FT3 is not too high before any knee jerk reactions that scare patients unnecessarily.

If you have only had palps once it is unlikely to be your dose so if you felt better on 75mcg I would stick to it in the absence if a high FT3 result. you can get palps from being under medicated too. If you want to be cautious you could alternate but should not be nessesary unless you are very sensitive to dose changes.

Do you follow the testing mantra - early morning, fasting (water only), dont take any meds or supplements til after tests, this will give highest TSH.

PS the test Seasidesusie suggests is often reduced to £29 on Thursdays 🤑


Thanks for your answers. I think I will start with 75 and decrease a bit of I start to feel over medicated.

I will have a private ft3 test after 8 weeks.

I have had all those tested and B12 and folate was in upper range. Ferritin 65 and vit D 75 nmol


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