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"Treating Hyperthyroidism with Herbal Medicine"

Post 3 - "Healing Hyperthyroidism the natural way".

I've promised I would keep you up to date on my progress. Three months ago since I started my treatment with Herbal medicine. It has been a slow process, for that's the nature of herbs. It has also been a scary road, and I was so close to giving up and giving in to take drugs. Fortunately, I have found a GP who practices Integrative Medicine, and she has been so supportive. This way I also get my blood tests done. Just the last week I have been feeling great. My heart has settled down, my head is not fuzzy anymore, I have more energy and I am so much more positive. My herbal mix is that of : Bugleweed, Motherwort, Lemon Balm and Hemedesmus. I take this twice a day. Also Magnesium and Hawthorne. In addition I take Metagenics Thyrocalm 3x day. I found since I added this supplement, my health improved. On its own it was not effective, neither were the herbs on its own. But combined they work. Next blood test next week, so we will see how I go. I can do a one hour walk now (slow), and I will be getting back to work next week. I have tried L-Carnitine and my heart went wild; doctor suggested Selenium and my heart did not like that either. What I am trying to say is that there are different supplements which work for different people. It's a matter of trying these out (yes, you will have to put up with the side effects) and eliminating those which do not work for you. All in all, for me less is best. And before I forget, high potency Turmeric capsules have really done wonders for inflammation. For me it is a must. Hope this helps, and please understand that my comments are not a prescription for people with Hyperthyroidism, just a summary of what works for me. Everyone is different.

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Hi namaste12 glad to hear your feeling well and good luck in your endeavour to go the herbal route.


Thanks Raventhorpe. I still got a way to go, however, compared to how I was feeling, I am now feeling great!!!


Once I was hyper a took a German herbal medicine called Thyreogutt Mono, under supervision of an endo. She was thrilled and supriced how efective it was. So natural staff works. Good luck to you!!

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Thank you for this, Namaste12. It's generous of you to share with the forum your trials with herbs, and to offer the insight into the choice that's available to us. Good luck with it.


Thanks for sharing nameste12. I was diagnosed with sub clinical hyper in October, and like you I wanted to avoid taking any medication if I could avoid it. Similarly my Chinese doctor wouldn't give me any herbs so I hit google and came across a detox by doctor morse. Initially I tried it for two weeks (with herbs). I didn't mention it to my Chinese doctor and she was surprised that my 'energy' had improved. Likewise with my following endo appointment my numbers had slightly come down, he thought perhaps I my hyper was transient. At that point I wasn't too convince it was the detox since I was trying all sorts of things. During the time between my next appointment I was away and didn't do much with my healing. By the time my follow up appointment came my numbers had actually gone up slightly. This time I was adamant to get them down with out any medication so I decided to do 6 weeks of the protocol (it's not the cheapest thing with the herbs). I also threw in l carnitine and multi vitamins. Admittedly I did feel better, probably at 95%. A private blood test uncovered that my vitamin d levels had been going down during this whole time. So as my herbs were finishing i started on vitamin d and that has made me feel normal. At my next appointment the endo was surprised that my numbers had dropped within range. My tsh was still suppressed as I had some antibodies but I'm hoping my appointment next week will be good news on that. Can I ask if the Tumeric helped with your antibodies?

At the moment I'm working on increasing my vitamin d but I would love to try the detox again With herbs at a later date


Thank you for sharing your story. I believe we can help each other if we share what works & doesn't work. Turmeric is an anti- inflammatory & helps with the pain in my body. Good luck with your program. I know it takes more than luck; courage & faith for sure.


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