Is it possible to treat Hyperthyroidism naturally?

I posted on this site about a month ago, and today I wish to post an update on my situation dealiing with Hyperthyroidism. I have stuck to my decision not to take medication, for whatever I am reading on this forum regarding the site effects is not pleasant. My heart goes out to you. However, going the natural way is not an easy road, as for some reason it seems to be difficult to find a natural health practitioner who will take this on. My chinese medicine practitioner has taken his hands off me with regards to chinese herbs, so I am researching myself. Trust me, there are chinese herbs who help with Yin deficiency of Kidney and heart, liver fire and phlegm stagnation. In fact, chinese medicine sites explain Hyperthyroidism so well, I really get it. In the moment I am taking one supplement from Sun Herbal (Australian company) to help with kidney yin deficiency & racing heart. Now working with one Naturopath. Cleaning up my diet (gluten, dairy & sugar free), taking high doses of Magnesium powder, use a supplement from a company called Metagenics (Thyrocalm & AdrenoCalm 3x day), Milk Thistle to support liver, Acetyl-l-carnitine to help with heart function and thyroid, and I have just ordered a herb called Bugleweed, which has a calming action on Thyroid and heart. Essential oils, such as Frankinsence, do help as well. I am slowly improving; heart is not beating that fast anymore, stomach cramps are totally gone, so is diarrhoea (good probiotic). My eyes have stopped popping out, and the swelling is going down. At the moment we do have intense heat in Australia - anything between 35 and 40 degrees, which is not so good when you are hyperthyroid. I know I have a long way to go, and I am fortunate that I have a Naturopathic background. It is still a scary experience, especially when family and friends think you have gone crazy going natural. PS: I do have to find another GP who is more supportive of natural therapies. I'll get back to you in another 4 weeks, and hope this helps some of you..

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  • You are very brave to go this route. I would only add caution that you have regular blood tests to monitor your situation and also to do all you can to keep your stress levels down! Have you heard of naturalendocrine solutions. Google and it will come up. Lemon Balm is also something you might like to look at. Good luck and thanks for posting.

  • Thank you. I am currently looking for a GP who will support me in my choice & monitor my progress.

  • Good luck with it namaste12 and I look forward to the next update. People *will* think you're crazy to go natural - some people think organic is crazy!! :-)

    I will be very interested to hear how you get on.

  • Well done you :) following your progress

  • Hi namaste12, you are very brave, to try treating thyroid naturally, hope it works for you, will look out for your posts to see how you do, good luck.

  • Keep us updated :)

    I've been reading a lot on herbs and Chinese medicine recently. We will all be very interested in how you are feeling and future blood results.

  • Nemaste, it is your body and your choice. I wouldn't know enough to do what you are doing

    but I hope you have regular blood samples taken and are monitored. A very interesting thread. I wish you well in your decision.

  • Namaste12

    I'm impressed.....keep posting as I'm very interested in your progress and how you're going about it. I think we can do similar with hypothyroidism and other thyroid problem... and I think that a lot of thyroid problems are caused by the stress or trials we go through as they will affect our body... 😊

  • Hi Namaste12, I am also in Australia and have Hyperthyroidism/Graves' Disease. Went to the doctor today to in regards to treating my Graves' disease naturally- success, doctor is fully on board with me. The only conditions is i stay on my PTU whilst we investigate vitamin and mineral deficiencies, as copper could be a culprit. I am currently on Acetyl L Carnitine, Magnesium, Ginseng Tablets to help with stress response. I hope you all the best and hopefully you find a doctor who is on board with your plan it really makes a difference. I always remind my doctor and myself that i'm paying for the session and he is just their to help me not dictate what i do. ood Luck!!!!

  • Hi Kitty1991. So good to hear from you, and Yes, you are fortunate to have found a doctor who supports you. What does "staying on PTU" mean?

    I have gotten the results of my Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis back, and Yes, Copper is the culprit big time. Now my question is: Is low Copper caused by Hyperthyroidsim, or has low Copper contributed to the condition? A bit like the chicken and the egg. I have tried Acetyl l L Carnitine, however, that did not make me feel too good. Currently taking Magnesium and Hawthorne tablets to support heart health, Rehmannia 6 Combination (chinese Herbs) , and a western herbal mix containing Bugleweed and Lemon Balm to directly work on Thyroid. I have to say that I am definitely feeling better by the day. Time will tell.

    Good luck to you too!!!

  • Good luck. U are brave.

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