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Over-treating hyperthyroidism

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Hi Guys Good Noon,

Do know anybody what is the symptoms of Over-treating hyperthyroidism actually still i continue Carbimazole per day 5 mg that my doctor suggest me my last visit, 5 month ago & i continue this medicine from jun 2017 to till now i fill better also (one problem i fill right now before start treatment i have Heart palpitation but after starting treatment day by i improve but last 2 month i fill again palpitation specially after my Lunch & Dinner) if anyone know how long can use Carbimazole i mean there have any specific duration of use CARBIMAZOLE??


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Hi, 5mg Carbimazole is a relatively small dose. (Some are started on 40 mg ) and 15 months is a relatively short time to be on it. Most people are on it for 18 months. I have been on about 20mg for 3 years and am now starting to reduce the dose while bloods are being regularly checked by my endo. If you are still having palpitations I would think you are undermedicated and need your carbimazole increased.

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BappyBD in reply to asiatic

Hi asiatic , thanks for your valuable replay actually i little confused before your reply because some body said that NeoCarbimazole can use for only 12-18 month after that if TSH Level is not in range then i have to choose another medication.is that correct?

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asiatic in reply to BappyBD

Why were you given carbimazole ? If it was because you have Graves Disease ( an autoimmune thyroid condition ) your TSH might never be in range. It is very common to be on carbimazole longer than 12-18 months.

If you have Graves’ disease, it’s usual to remain on Carbimazole for at least 12-18 months, to give you the best chance of remission, but some people remain on a low dose such as 5mg/day quite safely for much longer than this

- did you have your antibodies tested ? (TRAb or TSI)

- do you know what TSH, FT3 and FT4 were when you were first diagnosed?

- do you know what they are now ?

If you’re feeling palpitations and rapid heart rate, it would be worth getting your thyroid levels tested again. (at least FT4, and ideally FT3- not just TSH).

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BappyBD in reply to Valarian

Hi Valarian thanks for your reply actually i am hyperthyroidism patient my last check-up 5 month ago TSH-0.01' FT3-9.37 & FT4-24.84 with some other test but my Complete blood count is all in ranges that time thanks.

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Valarian in reply to BappyBD

Yes, but where your thyroid levels were five months ago isn’t necessarily an indication of where they will be now.

You say ‘actually I am hyperthyroid patient’ - do you meant that you have been diagnosed as hyper and told it ISN’T Graves’ ? Because in that case, you need to know what is causing it.

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