Hyperthyroidism - Alternative treatment possible?

I was diagnosed with Hyperthyroidism 20 years ago, and put on Neo-Mercazole for 2 years. Luckily, I had a very fantastic GP who advised me to exercise to avoid weight gain, and he checked my levels every months. I came off medication in 1996. Been fine until this year, when my weight dropped drastically, my muscles ached and my heart was racing like mad, making it impossible for me to exercise. Cut a long story short, I have been diagnosed with Hyperthyroidism again, however, levels are not as bad as they were in 1996. The GP I am seeing this time is just interested in drug treatment, and his suggestion to "fix this problem" is to remove my thyroid. Noone is even interested in why we attract this again, however, severe stress is most often the cause. I am really glad that we do have the internet, for compared to 20 years ago, I can now go on forums and share experiences, google information about side effects of medication and look at alternative options. So far I have been given so many useful information, and I am also seeing an Acupuncturist & Chinese Medicine Practitioner. The herbs he gave me have really calmed down the heart rate, and I feel more peaceful (within 3 days). I also benefit from the Acupuncture treatments. I am a retired Naturopath, so I am aware that Thyroid dysfunction severely effects your tissue mineral levels in your body. So I have send away for a Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis and once I know the levels I can balance my tissue minerals.

Is this all going to fix the problem? I really don't know! I have the medication in my draw but have not yet touched these, as I am seriously too concerned about side effects. I will give it my best shot to go drug free; it is scary at times, and I have cried many tears. However, now I am really focused on my healing rather than on my thyroid problem.

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  • Thanks for sharing your inspiring story! It's good to know that there may be alternatives! Keep us posted, please!

  • Will do!

  • Thank you for this story and your honesty about fears and hopes! I look forward to hearing more

  • I am sorry you are hyperactive again and it must be very unpleasant to have a racing heart etc. I think you are doing the right thing in trying to follow a non-medical path initially and the fact that the treatment so far is helping reduce sensations is good. I think most of the doctors who were trained in clinical symptoms of thyroid problems have all retired by now and have taken their expertise with them. Modern doctors only appear to notice the result of the blood tests and forget there is an unwell person opposite them who is depending upon them to restore their health.

  • Hello Namasta12, i am in exactly tge same place as you. Treatment 30 years ago for 2 years then fine till 6 months ago. I needed heart valve replacement then, which went very well but left me with a racing pulse of 160. Diagnosis... hyper again. Treatment ...neo carbizole 10mg 3 times a day plus diamehazole 120 mg daily, plus beta blocker, Concor 5mg twice daily. Endo has now reduced carbamazole to 5 mg 3 times daily, as i was becoming hypo. Go again on Feb 7th. I have an ingrowing goiter which she says will have to be taken operated on.lee

    I am up and down like a yoyo, often feel nauseous and fuzzy headed. I so do not want an operation because i am worried about becoming hypo.

    So i am very interested in your alternative treatment, please keep posting. Thank you and good luck


  • Hi,

    Thank you for sharing, it's always informative to see how others have been treated/coped.

    I'm interested in the hair analysis you mention, is it possible to ask for the details?

    I know there is something wrong with my chemical makeup but don't know what it is. I'm permanently tired but I wasn't after my last op while still connected up to the fluids, back to tired within minutes of the fluids being disconnected. Hence I would love to find out what is missing and if the hair analysis can do this that would be great.

    Any info would be great.


  • Hello Starfish! I am in Australia, and I get my Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis done through Interclinical Laboratories. You send a hair sample to the lab and they send you a full report on your mineral levels. Truly very helpful, and I have dealt with other health issues following hair mineral analysis. Best would be to see a Naturopath, and request an Analysis. Hope this helps.

  • Thank you, very informative!

  • Similar position to you, Namaste12, except that mine was a matter of goitres, not being hyper. Had a partial T to sort out the goitre in 1989, followed by 14 years or so of good health, followed by necessity to have a full TT in 2005.

    I was certainly returned to good health in 2005, after being very, very ill with a multinodular goitre, possibly severe hyperthyroidism. BUT, it only lasted for a few weeks and, knowing that the remains of my thyroid may have returned me to the same condition within a short while, opted for RAI. A BAD choice it was, as that made me hypo for life, which meant me taking levo for 8 years, the only medication the docs are likely to give you voluntarily. Now on NDT as levo is no good for all but the luckiest of people who do well on it......allegedly!

    You may survive another few years taking drugs to calm down your overenthusiastic thyroid, just as I may have got another few years when the remains of my thyroid, that the surgeon could not remove, started to work again, so stay on the drugs as long as you can, I would say. But you need to bear in mind that other organs in your body may be damaged by doing so, and I mean primarily the heart.

    Bear in mind also that the likelihood is that your body will fail to prosper on levo alone following a full TT, you may have great trouble getting levo and liothyronine prescribed together and you would probably need to take NDT then for the rest of your life.

    Others may be able to give more specific advice, but those are the basic facts to work around. I am glad that I can never be put into a similar position to you ever again, so please consider carefully what to do.

  • Thank you for your post. Hope you can find some answers as well and are healthy again soon!!!

    Can you tell me where and who you are sending you Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis off to? I think I need to have this done as well.

    Thank you!

  • I'm in Australia, so I do send my hair samples to Interclinical Laboratories and get results on my tissue mineral levels back from them.

  • Hello again...i have a question. I am so confused. Is a hoiter the result of hyperthyroid or is it a seperate issue. Does removal of the goiter always lead to hypothyroid?

    Would be grateful if someone could put me on the right track.

  • A goitre is an enlarged thyroid.

    You can be hyperthyroid, hypothyroid or actually have almost no problem with thyroid hormone levels.

    A simple slightly enlarged thyroid is not usually operated on. Some goitres resolve in time - often with thyroid hormone treatment.

    Some goitres actually produce too much thyroid hormone. These have to be treated.

    As with everything else to do with the thyroid, it isn't simple.

    Do you have a goitre? Have you got a problem with thyroid hormone levels?

    Most often, a goitre should be checked with an ultrasound scan.

  • I had Graves disease 20 years ago, and had a small goiter. So that was the result of Hyperthyroidism. Cannot answer your question as to removal of goiter and this leading to Hypothyroidism.

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