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Desperately needing advice

Been taking Levothyroxine was on 150mg. Had blood test Feb 17 by NHS and would only do TSH which was 8.73 mu/L (0.4-4.5). FT4 was 13.1 (8-21) . B12 was 458ng/L (200-770). Was taking Levo thyroxine tablets daily. Was rung by the doctors being questioned query poor compliance! She reluctantly put me up to 175mg which I refuse to take as there must be an underlying issue as I was compliant. I have questioned Hashimoto and been knocked back by the doctor as they feel I am asymptomatic. At this point I have no confidence in m GP and now have a of doctor patient relationship breakdown.

I went and sourced my own desiccated thyroid meds and started mid February increasing slowly and am up to 4.5 grains at present. Paid for private blood test results back today.

TSH - 0.354 (0.27-4.20), T4 - 8.45 (12-22), FT4 - 47.7 (59-154) FT3 - 4.05 (3.10-6.80) Thyroglobulin antibodies - 658.100 IU/ml (0-115) & Thyroid periods antibodies - 400.2 IU/ml (0-34).

Where do I go from here as it looks like I was right and have Hashimoto. I have NHS GP appointment in the morning and I will be informing her that I am on desiccated thyroid and was right about hashimotos. I think I am ? Celiac as well.

Please help any input would be greatly appreciated

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Monmim, Wonder if you will get an apology from the doc re poor compliance?! Probably not. Have you looked at going gluten free, since you clearly have Hashi's. I went GF after I asked for a TPO antibody test which was positive. Doc thought I was crazy but it made a difference. I am also lactose free, but do take some lacto free cheese and milk occasionally.

GP ordered a coeliac test for me which was a waste of time as I was already on GF diet and anyway the test isn't accurate. You really need to go by how you feel. Have you had your ferritin, folate. Vit D and B12 checked. They are often low in folks with hypo and Hashi's, mine were. I supplement Vit D3 and vit K also methylcobalamin and a good B complex almost all the time. Your levels need to be above the NHS ranges for best results. Selenium is also good.

Others will no doubt add some comments. Really don't know what to suggest re seeing GP. I avoid mine as much as possible and I am hoping to get hold of some T3 so I can add a small amount to my T4. Good luck

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Thank you very much for your advice was looking yesterday about going GF and dairy free also looking at selenium amongst other things


Have you seen the Thyroid Pharmacist website- Izabella Wentz is a fellow Hashimotos sufferer

Masses of information on there about diet & gut health

Very many of us with Hashimotos (about 80% according to Isabella) find gluten free helps - but only about 3% are diagnosed as coeliac

Just don't expect your GP to be aware of any diet or gut connections (leaky gut)


Will have a look at the thyroid pharmacist website. Thank you for your help

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