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Doctors writing prescriptions for NDT


Does anyone have a doctor in the Greater Manchester area that would write a prescription for NDT. I have been taking it for over 12 months and never felt better, all the symptoms have gone now and I've started losing weight with a diet plan. My GP is useless and I have seen two consultants at Salford Royal who refuse.

I am paying for it from abroad and it's costing me £60 per month.

If I have to go private please give me some info eg. Doctor, price of consultation, blood tests if possible.

Thanks in advance

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NDT isn't licensed for UK use so very few NHS GPs or endos will prescribe it. If you want a list of member recommended endos email

Bear in mind that you will need to pay the consultation fee, blood tests and the cost of private prescription which collectively will be far more than the £60 you are currently spending.

You can order your own blood tests via

If members can recommend anyone in Manchester they will send you a private message.

To read a private message:

To send Ashquar a private message:


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